May 2015



As the temperatures are becoming higher and more consistent, my focus has been on creating looks that are easy and breathable while still looking put together. The best solution? ROMPERS. Like jumpsuits, rompers are the quintessential piece when you are in a rush or simply don’t feel like putting much effort into your look (even if it looks like you did). This particular romper was perfect because of it’s light fabric and contrasting colors which made it look even more like separate pieces. Want to spice it up a little? Throw on some statement jewelry and a nice pair of heels or sandals and you’re good to go! What I love even more about rompers are their versatility in different environments. They can go from the workplace, to dinner, and even a night out with a simple swap of accessories. I’m pretty sure rompers will be my go-to piece this summer. What’s yours???

Outfit Details & Links

Romper- Topshop

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Shoes- Free People










In the past few years, the classic chambray fabric has really made a huge statement in the fashion world and I honestly don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. For those like me who love denim, chambray is a great alternative for achieving the same type of style without burning up in the spring and summer months. Also, because it is a lighter, more breathable fabric it can help one maintain a softer more relaxed look. Another staple trend we see as the weather heats up are prints. I am definitely a fan of prints but I am typically most drawn to, and most likely to wear pieces with patterns that contain some element of black in them; so these trousers were perfect! I just love how vibrant, tailored, and versatile they are; definitely a piece that can go from day to night. Though the pants were certainly the focal point of this outfit, I felt that the halter neck silhouette and texture of the top made for an interesting and complimentary pair. Now who’s ready for summer?! 😀

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Zara

Trousers- Topshop

Heels- Asos

Sunglasses-  Ferragamo









I don’t know what it is but there’s something about a shapeless, sack-like dress that I just love! Maybe it’s the fact that it looks so effortless, or the fun challenge it is to pair up your best accessories to complete the look. Whatever it is, theses types of dresses are always a staple for me during the warmer months. I love this one in particular because of the soft taupe coloring (that works well against any skin tone) and the breathable, yet well constructed material. When styling this look, I was debating on whether I should throw in a piece for a pop of color, but I’m honestly glad I didn’t. I think the look has a nice subtle chic vibe about it, especially with the use of the earth tones. Dresses like these are perfect for those casual days when you don’t want to make too much of a statement with your look but still want to draw in some attention with your accessories. I like that each accessory works well together while still maintaining it’s individual style and not overpowering the look. That’s the best part about fashion! You can take a western-style hat, pair it with some retro inspired heels, and a rustic tote and create a look all your own. The amount of creativity you can have with fashion is endless so take advantage and experiment! Figure hugging dresses are cool, but give one like this a try; the comfort alone makes it all worth it. 🙂

Outfit Details & Links:

Hat- Free People

Dress- Zara

Sandals- Zara

Necklace- Zara

Bag- Fossil










By default, this post holds a special place in my heart for the mere fact that it is centered around one of my favorite colors. I am personally obsessed with the intensity and strength that the color red gives off, so I had no hesitation about making sure that every location had some distinct red elements. I just love how the red scenery really brings out the stripes in the dress as well as the fieriness of the jacket. Because this look emphasized such a vibrant color, I tried to keep the rest of my accessories subtle yet interesting by pairing the dress with black gladiator sandals and a leather 5-panel cap. I think when styling an outfit with a “loud” focal point, it is important to keep the accessories minimal and eye-catching without losing the focus of the ensemble. One way to do this is by playing with different textures and fabrics. As with all of my looks, I think it’s important to take risks and push the envelope. So take the challenge! Style a look using a bright color and see how you like it. 🙂

Outfit Details & Links:

Hat- Urban Outfitters

Jacket- Wilson’s Leather

Dress- Zara

Gladiator Sandals- Jeffrey Campbell











To be completely honest, comfort is not always a priority to me when getting dressed. On the off chance I do find myself comfortable throughout the day, I tend to take notice; this happened to be one of those days. At one time, the idea of denim overalls only provoked thoughts of mechanics and life on the farm, however, like most trends, the fashion world found a way to make them stylish. While they can be dressed up, I prefer to rock them on my most casual of days. Due to the beautiful weather we have be experiencing lately, I figured throwing on a mesh top underneath would be a nice way to show a little skin and add a grungy vibe to the look. Once deciding to make white my accent color, I followed suit with my sandals and clutch then added dark plum lip to offset the brightness. I also experimented with my short vagabond booties and they worked quite nicely, without disturbing the essence of the ensemble. I think overalls are another great transition piece when moving from fall to the warmer spring months. Show me how you rock yours!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Urban Outfitters

Bra Top- Asos

Overalls- Urban Outfitters

Vagabonds- Urban Outfitters

Sandals- Forever 21

Clutch- ZaraDSC_2251













I think by now we all know some of the staple trends that begin to arise as soon as it gets warmer; brighter colors, floral patterns, lighter fabrics, etc. In my opinion though, the pastel trend is one of the best! Without appearing too obviously bright, I feel that the color palette gives a sort of subtle chicness while still remaining eye-catching, trendy, and weather appropriate. The soft pinks, peaches, nudes, and blush tones in this look really pulled together in a way that just screams, “SPRING IS HERE!” Though I am also a huge lover of joggers, I decided to switch it up and go for a wide-leg trouser silhouette which I feel was perfect for showcasing a more sophisticated look and work as a nice contrast against the fitted crop top. Also, I think the light pink leather jacket was essential for maintaining a little bit of edge while adding some structure to the look as well. So tell me, what is your favorite spring trend?

Outfit Details & Links:

Jacket- Urban Outfitters

Top- Topshop


Heels- Shoemint