January 2017


You know, I’m really not much of a bargain shopper. Not because I don’t love a great deal, but because of the amount of effort it takes to rummage through a million items in a store that have been thrown around carelessly just because the retailer decided to put a huge “SALE” sign in the front window; but I digress. That being said, I have been trying to make more of an effort recently to take advantage of the semi-annual sales most stores are having and I must say, when you find a gem, it makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. Okay, so maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but you get what I mean, LOL. On this particular shopping trip I was lucky enough to find these amazing plaid trousers! As soon as I saw them, I literally put down everything I had in my arms as the other pieces just seemed to pale in comparison. The length, color scheme, and zipper detail alone made them absolutely perfect in my eyes in addition to the major price reduction. I instantly knew that I had to create a look around them and was quite pleased with how this one turned out. For whatever reason, I immediately envisioned an off the shoulder Bardot top to compliment these pants and I couldn’t have found a more perfect option. The elongated sleeves and ruffled top seam, provided subtle high-fashion elements that I felt this look was missing. To add a bit of movement and dimension, instead of adding my typical black choker, I decided on a skinny scarf; that was originally attached to a shirt I haven’t seen in some time. To finish off the look I added a pair of simple, black heeled sandals and my “Rexy” wristlet for a touch of quirkiness. Despite the brisk winds, I really enjoyed styling and shooting this look. I felt very “artsy-chic” in this ensemble and it may be a style that I revisit more often in the upcoming warmer months. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- H&M

Trousers- Zara

Heels- Michael Kors

Scarf- Forever 21

Bag- Coach

Shearling coats, especially in the “biker jacket” style, have been extremely popular this season. While this piece of outerwear may be on the more trendy side, they easily provide a cozy layer of warmth and edge to any look. Whether from a high end designer or more affordable brand, there are so many variations to choose from and I am personally a huge fan! Click the images below for direct links to my picks; happy shopping!


I think I would have to say one of the trendiest pieces of outerwear this season is the shearling biker jacket. Many brands from luxury to lower-end retailers have all made a variation and I’m definitely here for it! With so many choices to pick from however, I had to really consider which coat would suit my wardrobe best. Though I was very tempted to go for an all-black leather option, I opted for a softer suede version with cream trim. Being an owner of many leather jackets already, I liked this piece because it was just as versatile, while still providing an element of contrast that I didn’t already see in my closet. In order to keep the focus on the coat, I decided to pair it with a denim shirt-dress. What I love most about denim is that it can easily provide another layer of dimension by mixing textures, yet remains neutral enough to go with everything and not overpower the ensemble. This piece in particular was also adorned with a few patches that I thought added a quirky lighthearted touch to the overall look. To keep things chic and weather appropriate, I grabbed my go-to thigh high boots that have remained a staple in my wardrobe for the last 2 years, and have definitely earned the title as one of my most worn pairs of shoes this season. For accessories, I opted for a small cream and gold box bag and my matching gold frames which perfectly highlighted the colors of my jacket. Since I felt like I was still missing a pop of color, I finished the look off with a red lip which I think always looks super classic against denim. I can’t lie, I was definitely channeling “off-duty model” vibes with this look and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Coat- Zara

Dress- Zara

Boots- Aldo

Bag- Urban Outfitters

I must say, staying chic during the Winter is definitely not always an easy task, but with eye-caching outerwear and footwear one can easily make a statement while staying warm. When I typically think of “Winter booties,” I usually imagine chunky heels and grips. This season however, I’ve been drawn to more formal footwear with stiletto-type heels. Click the images below to shop my picks and wear on ice at your own risk. 😉 Until next time!

Lately I’ve been noticing a reoccurring trend of incorporating athletic wear with day to day street style looks. I am definitely a huge fan of this and personally think it makes dressing during the colder months much easier. I have always looked up to the women and men who remained effortlessly chic in the winter without drowning in layers of knits and heavy jackets. Unfortunately, I always seem to end up looking like the Michelin man when faced with those below freezing temperatures, LOL. This season however, I have been steadily growing the collection of hoodies in my wardrobe and whether I’m styling them as a dress with my thigh high boots or as just another top layer, they never seem to fail me in terms of being comfy, cool, & casual. We shot this look right after an unexpected snowfall and while I usually don’t mind not being dressed appropriately for the weather, I was adamant about being warm for this one. One of the other habits I tend to fall into during this time of year, like most people, is wearing all black or neutrals. My roommate was actually the one who brought this hoodie to my attention and I instantly knew it would be a great addition to my closet and this look. I definitely wanted to break up the black on my lower half with something a bit more eye-catching, and the rich wine color and velour texture of this piece did just that. I also wanted to showcase this amazing long-line denim coat I purchased months ago. In my history of rocking denim jackets, I have never once owned anything like this– I mean, the fur trim and shearling lining alone screamed “must-have” for me! With so many bold elements on the top I didn’t mind keeping the rest of the look dark. In terms of footwear, I chose to grab one of my Christmas gifts and might I add that these heeled booties fit like dream, no break-in required. So that about sums it up for this one! I’d love to hear your opinions about mixing athletic wear with more formal pieces in the comments below, until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Hoodie- Adidas

Jeans- All Saints

Coat- Zara

Shoes- Cole Haan














When I think of women’s Parisian style, I immediately envision tailored outerwear, mini skirts, and statement heels. Being that I recently did a blog post in a French-inspired cafe, I thought I’d round up a few clothing pieces that I felt would be appropriate for that type of posh environment. Don’t forget to click the images below to shop my picks, and don’t forget to grab your beret! LOL. Happy shopping!





One of the reasons why I love the blogging industry, is because of all of the amazing connections and opportunities that are able to be made in an instant. For this collaboration, I was contacted by one of the amazing sponsors of a networking event I attended back in November; Bon Vivant. This French inspired cafe is known for its luxe ambiance and beautifully hand-crafted artwork that adorns each one of their cube shaped pastries. These mini-cakes are created using traditional French techniques and are infused with layers upon layers of flavor that work as the perfect partner to accompany your favorite tea, coffee, or champagne. While they first began as online-only brand, they have since expanded their market and can now be found in a brick & mortar location, on a quaint road on the Manhattan island. As soon as I stepped foot into the cafe, I instantly felt like I had been transported into a European hot spot. Even before tasting the delicious desserts, I got a clear sense of the amount of detail, time, and effort that went into making each treat an experience to be desired and remembered. This is definitely the kind of place that you take your time enjoying. From the intoxicating scents, light music, and mouth watering flavors, your 5 senses will be completely stimulated like never before! In terms of my outfit, I tried to dress for the occasion and maintain a posh vibe that matched my surroundings. I felt like the mock neck dress, fur vest, and thigh high boots definitely reminded me of the chic Parisian style, while my stark white backpack brought a NYC street style element. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience and am so grateful that I get to collaborate with creative brands that take their craft just as serious as I do. If you are in the NYC area, definitely check out Bon Vivant, to get a taste of European luxury, or take advantage of their shipping options and experience these mouth watering cakes in the comfort of your own home. Au revoir!

Outfit Details & Links:

Vest- Michael Kors

Dress- Zara

Boots- Marc Fisher

Backpack- Zara
















Today I felt compelled to write, and with the start of the new year, what would be a better topic to tackle than resolutions?! Whether you love them, hate them, plan to stick to them, or don’t even bother, in some form or another I think we all subconsciously set “resolutions” or goals for ourselves at the beginning of each year. Since I can only speak for myself here, I figured I’d disclose some of my resolutions and how I personally felt about them. For starters, I am definitely challenging myself to save more this year than I ever probably have in life (lol). I have always been responsible with money and have managed a savings account since I first began to learn about banking and personal finances, but with this year being my quarter century milestone, I feel more compelled than ever to really start putting more away for the future. Ironically, that brings me to my next resolution which is to live in the moment! As cliche as this one is, it’s something that I’ve always struggled with. Because I am a planner and quite the go-getter when I have my heart set on something, I tend to become a bit of a control freak instead of just letting things manifest naturally. To be honest, this hasn’t always worked as a disadvantage, but I’m now finding out more frequently that the more time I spend dwelling on the future and what hasn’t happened yet, the more time I miss enjoying the fruits of my labor. Of all of my resolutions, this one will definitely be the hardest to tackle but hey, I’m a work in progress! Lastly, I have decided to maintain an overall sense of focus, positivity, and faith this year. For me, remembering these key things will help me to stay sane in the midst of everything that is bound to go wrong in 2017. Let’s face it, life is full of ups and downs and no matter how much we try to avoid the negative it’s inevitable. With these 3 things in the front of my mind though, I know I will be able to get through anything that this year throws at me..I hope. Lol. I think this is the first year that I am avidly, participating in creating resolutions with the intention of seriously sticking to them. I’m excited for what this year has in store, and the new opportunities and memories that are to come. Bring it on!