June 2017


With all of the outdoor events that coincide with the Spring and Summer months, it’s important to be hands free as well as carefree without having the extra burden of constantly keeping track of your belongings. Luckily, backpacks can provide that security while still remaining trendy when you’re on the go. I’ve been slowly growing my personal collection each season and may be slightly addicted to the look and functionality of this popular accessory. Below I have rounded up a few of my current favorites so don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!


Tinted colored frames and lenses are one of the biggest trends this season and I am personally obsessed! No matter what shape or style, this is an accessory that can instantly add a cool retro vibe to any look. Check out the pairs I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks! Until next time!

Two thoughts came to mind when I first laid eyes on the dress: “It’s absolutely stunning and it totally reminds me of something that would’ve been worn in the 70’s!” As we all know, I am VERY picky when it comes to the floral prints I wear and typically tend to gravitate towards pieces that I can pair with other neutral items. That being said, deciding to purchase this pleated maxi was slightly out of my comfort zone considering there was no way I could really tone down the vibrant head-to-toe print. All in all, I decided to take the plunge and add this gorgeous dress to my collection. Another thing that is pretty common throughout my style is my love of contrast, so a major selling point for me with this garment was the subtle but edgy rhinestone detailing along the bust and arm seams. In efforts to continue embracing the Summer colors and further accentuate the retro vibe, I purchased a pair of aviators with orange tinted lenses that ended up looking pretty cool if I do say so myself. While paying homage to decades past, tinted frames have become quite popular this year starting with yellow lenses and quickly expanding to pretty much any color you can think of. I’m personally a huge fan of this trend and thought these frames made for the perfect accessory to add to this look. I kept my footwear simple with a pair of minimal block heeled sandals and was good to go! After taking a week’s long vacation, it feels great to get back to posting and I hope you guys like this look as much as I enjoyed styling it! Let me know your opinions in the comments below and whether you think there’s such thing as too much floral, lol. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Bebe

Heels- Urban Outfitters

Frames- Urban Outfitters

Rompers can be some of the easiest garments to style, especially during the months when it becomes too hot to even think about pairing multiple pieces together. Their tailored nature and wide variety of styles also ensure that you can look put together and chic with barely any time or effort wasted. Check out a few of the items I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!

I can’t believe it’s already June! Whether it feels like it most days or not, I was determined to shoot some fun Summer looks and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better set of pieces to start with. I bought this blush romper a few months ago and still can’t get over how stunning it is! Everything from the color, to the trumpet sleeves, and super feminine bow detailing made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world as soon as I put it on. As the weather heats up, dressing becomes more of a hassle so rompers have always been one of my go-to garments for the season. While this particular piece can easily be dressed up or down, I chose to go the formal route and pair it with one of my favorite nude, heeled sandals. Another perk that comes with summertime are the endless outdoor activities. That being said, carrying giant tote bags and purses all day can be annoying so I live for a good backpack. Crochet is a huge trend for this time of year, so when I saw this backpack in all its glory I knew it had to be mine! Though tiny, it can definitely hold all of the essentials and it’s neutral color allows it to be paired with absolutely everything! Another trend I’ve been seeing a lot lately is the pairing of pink and red. While I’ve still been trying to figure out the best way to execute this for my personal style, I decided to dabble in it by finishing this look off with a bright red lip that, to my surprise, didn’t look half bad. Being a style blogger, I post A LOT of outfits and while I may never be able to choose one favorite, I can definitely say this look is probably in my top 5. I absolutely love how girly, yet chic this ensemble is and look forward to recreating it whenever the opportunity arises. Let me know in the comments below how you feel about the trends I’ve mentioned and which is your favorite. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Romper- Topshop

Heels- Zara

Backpack- Zara

Nothing screams “Spring” like floral prints and dresses; and as easy as they are to style, they can also make wonderful layering pieces for t-shirts, button ups, and even turtlenecks! Check out some of the dresses I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!