There’s something about the combination of feminine and sporty that I’ve really grown to become a fan of. I think it’s something about the juxtaposition of pieces that adds an unexpected twist to any ensemble, leaving it slightly more intriguing than a look containing one cohesive style genre. I came across this particular dress during one of my visits to see my parents and knew instantly it would make for an incredible blog post. The bold color, dainty floral pattern, cut and fabric, really checked off every box for me in terms of being an item I knew I had to have. Though I didn’t leave with the gorgeous frock that particular day, I made sure to pick it up as soon as I got back to NYC! Upon trying it on, I was instantly drawn to the romantic feel of the piece as well as the effortless movement the dress created as I walked. That being said, since it was such a feminine item, I knew I wanted to incorporate something that was a little different; however I wasn’t exactly sure how it would manifest. After a few trials of different heeled shoes that were either too obvious or in my opinion underwhelming to the look overall, I remembered I had also just ordered a few pairs of shoes (thanks dad) that would be coming in the mail soon. After receiving the different styles of footwear, it wasn’t until the day of my shoot that I decided to take a chance and finish off the look with a pair of bright tomato colored sneakers. For me, this was a risky move because I wasn’t sure if the ensemble would become over-saturated with color; yet to my surprise, it was the perfect touch! At this point everything was pretty much to my liking but I wanted to add something that would complete the look as well as break up the red hues. The round ring-handled bag I chose was the best accessory I could find as it pulled out the cream shades in the dress’ print and really gave the outfit the pop I felt was missing. With so many favorites to choose from it would be impossible to rank, but this look may definitely take the lead for the Spring/Summer seasons. Comment below your opinion about mixing clothing styles and if you would try a similar look yourself. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Topshop

Sneakers- Cole Haan

Bag- Zara



There’s something so chic and effortless about separates. Aside from automatically having a built-in ensemble, unlike other pieces like dresses or jumpsuits, co-ords also allow immense wardrobe versatility and the option to create a wide variety of looks by mixing and matching the pieces. Below I’ve rounded up some examples of separates I could definitely see myself wearing during the warmer months. Don’t forget to click the images below to shop my picks; until next time!


While we have only just begun to get a true taste of official spring weather, the anticipation has prompted me to think of what other clothing items may be on my summer wardrobe wish list. I’ve definitely been loving suits lately and knew that a light co-ord was exactly what my closet was missing. Luckily for me, retailers are quick to display their collections for the upcoming seasons so it didn’t take long to find exactly what I had envisioned! This neutral colored striped suit was right up my alley in terms of tone, fit, and overall design. The double-breasted blazer allowed for a more masculine structure, while the paper bag trousers provided a trendy yet vintage detail. Being that both pieces are so striking together as well as individually, they can easily be worn with other items I already own, which made me love the suit that much more! To keep the focus on the striped set I chose to keep it fairly simple by layering a cut out ribbed t-shirt under the jacket. At this point I was really enjoying the subtle monochrome vibes I was getting from this look. In efforts to keep everything streamlined, I decided to wear a pair of metallic mules which perfectly added a bit of interest, without overwhelming the ensemble. Finally, to continue playing off of the warm golden tones, I grabbed my round frames for a final touch. Overall, I loved how this look came together despite freezing during the actual photo shoot. The sandy hues definitely made me want to go on vacation and relax in the chicest way! Let me know in the comments below how you feel about summer suits and if they’re something you would rock this year. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Top- Zara

Blazer- Topshop

Trousers- Topshop

Mules- Cole Haan

Sunglasses- NYS Collection

I love the mildly temperate seasons because they still call for light layering which can elevate an outfit without it feeling too weighed down. Below I’ve rounded up a few Spring jackets that have caught my eye and resemble styles I may already have versions of in my current wardrobe. Don’t forget to click the images below to shop my picks. Until next time!

Despite Mother Nature being extremely uncooperative, it has not stopped me from attempting to style some Spring ensembles. Once again I collaborated with another fellow blogger, Jahira, and we chose to stick with the theme of pastels. It’s to be expected that every year around this time, retailers everywhere become flooded with colorful pieces that get everyone excited for the warm weather to come. After a bit of shopping, I decided on a mini-dress with a multicolored print and lace detailing on the sleeves. Though fairly dark overall, I knew this would be the perfect frock to layer under my over-sized parka. Surprisingly, I ended up purchasing this blush colored jacket back in December during a major sale, and just knew it would come in handy once the weather finally broke. To keep a sense of cohesiveness, Jahira and I  both let our pastel garments remain the focal point by pairing them with other black pieces. For footwear, I chose a simple sock bootie with an exaggerated zipper for a bit of extra edge. I also grabbed my favorite aviators because despite it being fairly cloudy on this particular day, I am definitely looking forward to embracing the sunshine soon. All in all, I loved how our looks complimented each other and look forward to the day when I can comfortably wear this outfit without shivering. Comment below your favorite pastel color to style and how you’d wear it. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Jacket- Zara

Dress- & Other Stories

Boots- Topshop

Sunglasses- Celine

Earrings- Express

Easter is the first major holiday that kicks off the Spring season and I always find it to be an amazing time to spend with family as well as embrace some of the lighter, more pastel pieces in my wardrobe. Hues of purple such as lavender and lilac have been a huge trend this season, so much so that I was trying to avoid it at all costs! That being said, when shopping for this particular collaboration shoot, I couldn’t deny the instant attraction to these wide-legged trousers and definitely couldn’t leave the store without them. Aside from the gorgeous color, I also thought that the contrast of the black buttons were a simple yet strikingly chic detail. Recently, I’ve seen this shade worn most often when styled with co-ords or monochrome looks. In efforts to try mixing things up, I chose to pair the pants with a striped satin textured blouse which definitely added a more traditional, classic element to the overall ensemble. Oddly enough, though we briefly discussed color scheme, I didn’t know that my friend Jahira would be wearing a matching white set and purple top so we ended up coordinating in the best way possible! Though barely seen, I also opted for a pair of white heeled sandals which really got me excited for warm weather, despite this particular day being absolutely freezing. To complete my look, I struggled to find a bag that wasn’t so dark that it weighed the look down or bold in color that it took the focus off the the slacks. I finally settled on a tote with wicker detailing and black trim which I felt may not have been the most obvious choice, but definitely pulled the look together in an unexpected way. It also complimented my counterparts neutral taupe boots which made our styling even more compatible. All in all, I had a great time shooting these looks and hope this gave you some ideas for the upcoming holiday weekend! Comment below if you’d like to see more photo shoot collabs in the future. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Topshop

Trousers- Mango

Shoes- Topshop

Bag- Zara

Incorporating athletic wear into everyday style has been a consistent trend lately and one that I’ve definitely grown to become a fan of!  In my opinion the “athleisure” vibe brings such an effortless element to fashion that anyone can wear, and I plan to experiment with it more this spring and summer. Below I’ve rounded up some pieces that I would absolutely consider adding to my personal wardrobe. Don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks; until next time!

Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere whether it’s the runway, strangers on the street, an ad, or your very own friends and family. This particular ensemble was a recreation of a look I saw styled on a mannequin while out of town that I completely fell in love with! Overall, I loved the randomness of the mixture of items as well as the classic casual pieces that were thrown in for an effortlessly cool vibe. Track pants have been trending for quite a few seasons, and while I already have a black pair in a more tailored style, I thought it was time to finally get my hands on the real thing. I love these trousers because while they make an obvious statement with their bold red hue, they can also be worn in a variety of ways. For this look I chose to pair my trousers with black court shoes to dress them up and though I was initially looking for a blouse, ended up styling a graphic t-shirt for a more relaxed and playful look. So as not to keep the look too dressed down, I chose to finish off the outfit by layering a navy blazer for a “smart” and chic element. With so much going on, I didn’t want to incorporate too many accessories because I felt it would be slightly overwhelming for the already eye-catching look. Though fairly different pieces, I liked how the white accents on each article of clothing worked to create a seamless and cohesive looking outfit. I also thought the incorporation of primary colors (red, blue, & yellow) really made an unexpected statement that I’m not used to, but happy I decided to experiment with. Comment below if you’re a fan of incorporating athletic pieces into your everyday style or if you choose to solely keep them for the gym and other fitness related activities. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Topshop

T-shirt- Topshop

Pants- Adidas

Heels- Zara

As we approach the Spring season, it was imperative to me that I started introducing lighter hues into my wardrobe. When shopping for this look, I was shocked to realize that I didn’t own a pair of white jeans and probably haven’t for quite a few years now. Needless to say, when I came across this pair of denim culottes, I instantly knew that they would be the perfect foundation piece for this ensemble. As a shorter girl, I’ve always found this style of pant super flattering and effortlessly chic. Recently, I’ve also noticed lighter more muted shades of blue really making a statement in various retailers and after much back and forth, I decided to pair my trousers with a thin sea foam colored roll-neck. While this color is a bit out of the norm for me, I liked the uniqueness of the shade and the versatility it can bring to number of pieces already in my closet. At this point I was slightly at a standstill because I had two very simple pieces but nothing that really tied them together to create a cohesive outfit. I then remembered an item I had previously seen in a store I had been browsing in earlier, and to my surprise it was the perfect addition! This cropped corduroy jacket is definitely not something I could’ve imagined myself picking up initially however, it really brought a nostalgic element to the look as well as color-blocking– a trend I typically don’t find myself gravitating towards on a regular basis. For accessories, I decided to reach for a cool-toned grey backpack which I felt meshed well with the overall color scheme of the ensemble and some mixed metal hoops which played off of the ring detail on the bag. Since the entire outfit was pretty light as a whole, I chose to finish it off with my favorite pair of black minimal mules for a bit of balance. Though there were many elements that took me out of my comfort zone with this particular look, I was pleased with how it turned out and happy I took a few fashion risks along the way. Comment below your favorite piece from this look; until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Jacket- Topshop

Top- & Other Stories

Jeans- H&M

Heels- Topshop

Backpack- Zara

Earrings- Zara

Outfit Details

Bum bag, waist bag, belt bag, or whatever you want to call it are all names that were invented to make the traditional “fanny pack” appear more on trend and stylish. I personally am still green when it comes to incorporating this piece into my wardrobe, but so far I’ve grown to like it. Below I’ve rounded up a few versions that caught my eye and that I would consider adding to my accessory collection. Don’t forget to click the images for direct links to shop my picks. Until next time!