I think the time has finally come for me to acknowledge that I may just be a “pink” girl. For so long I refused to admit that I was a fan of the color but now, as I look at my wardrobe and see the variety of shades that I have incorporated, I can no longer live in denial (LOL). Specifically, I have noticed a trend of hot pink/fuchsia constantly recurring whether it be in the form of tops, bags, skirts, and even shoes! I recently purchased this cropped cardigan and truthfully, I can’t really pinpoint what drew me to it but for whatever reason I was intrigued enough to make it mine! Upon receiving it however, I instantly fell in the love with the quality, fit, and overall vibrancy that made it a standout piece in the most effortless way. Referencing 90’s style has remained at the forefront of fashion for the last few seasons and being that I was only a kid during those golden years, I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to express my own interpretation when creating various ensembles. Because this sweater packed such a punch, I knew I wanted to keep the rest of the look casual while still adding a bit of playfulness and chic elements. To offset the saturation, I grabbed the lightest pair of bleached jeans I currently own, to avoid giving a “color-blocked” feel. Instead, I chose to incorporate the contrasting blue shade with my accessories and still gave a nod to classic denim but on a much smaller scale. My bag and lace-up heeled sandals complimented each other perfectly and I was more than happy with how the outfit was coming along! Finally, in efforts to highlight the the shiny silver button details, I made sure my jewelry and sunnies had the same reflective qualities to seamlessly tie everything together. As the weather gets warmer and the pieces I choose become simpler, I still like to ensure that I always make an impact with my attire in one way or another. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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