As the weather heats up, the more effortless my style becomes and with that, the more I gravitate towards my go-to “uniform.” While some may perceive me as quite “girly,” 90% of the time I’m actually in jeans/trousers. For me, especially when it comes to how I put looks together, I typically feel most comfortable with the top half of my ensemble making the statement while keeping the bottom on the more casual side. I purchased black pants in a similar design last year and when I saw that another brand offered them in beige, I knew they would make for another great closet staple! Unlike the previous pair, these were insanely long but I still managed to make it work for the photoshoot. After doing a bit more browsing online, I saw that the same brand also sold a chic open-back knit polo in a muted green shade. Once I received both items, it was clear that they were essentially meant to be worn together because of how well the garments complimented each other. The softness of the tones and slightly cropped hem of the top seamlessly grazed the high-waisted trouser and couldn’t have been more perfect! Because of the color palette I was working with, I immediately knew that black would be too harsh of a contrast. Instead, I opted for brown accessories which allowed for a more understated juxtaposition. After deciding on my footwear and sunnies, instead of incorporating a matching bag, I figured a white option would be a better suited choice in terms of adding interest and highlighting the unique fold-over detail. Lastly I threw on a few pieces of gold jewelry and was ready for my close up! Outfits like this show that you don’t need the flashiest pieces to stand out. Just a few unexpected design elements can really make your look one to be remembered without overwhelming the onlooker. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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