Another 3-day weekend, another excuse to take advantage of the end of Summer sales! So pull out your white jeans, fire up the grill, and get ready to shop til’ you drop! Check out the retailers I’ve rounded up below offering Labor Day sales both online and in-store. Have a great rest of your weekend, and until next time!

When styling, I love nothing more than mixing and matching different pieces. Whether it be through textures, prints, or fashion genres, this trick in my opinion always helps bring more dimension and interest to an ensemble. I received this floral crop top and honestly didn’t have a clear direction regarding what I wanted to pair it with. Jeans seemed like the easy way out, but I wanted to push myself a little harder. Instead, I settled on a cream-colored denim mini skirt that kept the same casual element I seemed to be leaning towards, while also perfectly matching the tones in my top. Believe it or not, I was completely stumped at this point. I was pleased with how the two garments I had looked together, but for me, the look was far from complete and just fell a bit flat. Being a girl who NEVER plans her outfits in advance, it’s no surprise that more times than not, I’m usually finalizing my style creations the morning of my shoot and adding finishing touches that I wasn’t able to think of in the days prior. I decided to give my AF1’s a break and revisit my trusty Vans for footwear. Still, the ensemble was giving me unrefined middle-school vibes. In the final moments I had before I needed to get ready, as usual, the vision came to me. I pulled a striped blazer from a suit set that I haven’t worn in quite some time and saw the look instantly elevate before my eyes. Since I decided to forego a bag, I relied on my accessories to save the day. Lately, I have become more of a jewelry wearer, with a slight obsession for rings. That said, I made sure to incorporate some gold pieces with a coordinating cuff bracelet and my small hoops. After adding a round pair of frames, I was finally satisfied and ready to SLAY! When developing your personal style, I think it’s so important to try new things and step out of your comfort zone; you never know, you might just stumble upon an odd combination you like! Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Blazer- Topshop

Top- Eggie

Skirt- & Other Stories

Sneakers- Vans

Sunglasses- & Other Stories

I find suits to be such staple pieces that truly never get the credit they deserve for being one of the most powerful, yet classic looks an individual can wear. Especially for women, they tend to make a chic yet strong statement when worn no matter what the occasion may be. While I do have a few favorites of my own, in a variety of styles, this one was definitely unlike anything in my current wardrobe. The fit itself, would probably make this co-ord the most feminine set I own. From the cropped skinny trousers and double-breasted jacket, I couldn’t help but feel like the baddest girl boss in town! Unlike most separates, suits allow the focus to remain on the accessories since the outfit is essentially complete from the beginning. Because of the eye-catching details, it was imperative that I let the pinstriped garments speak for themselves and not be overshadowed by the bells and whistles. To coordinate with the black button accents, I chose a sleek pair of mules as footwear. In efforts to brighten things up, since I was working with a fairly dark color palette, I didn’t hesitate to grab my baby blue studded bucket bag. It’s no secret that I love a good cross-body and this one in particular added the perfect pop of color to break up the ensemble and add some dimension to the look as a whole. Lastly, a pair of statement earrings never hurt, so I was more than happy to incorporate them and bring a more formal, glam element to the outfit. I loved how this look was the perfect balance of sophistication and edginess. On a more casual day, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw on a crisp pair of white sneakers to really incorporate some sporty elements as well. Let me know in the comments if you prefer more traditional, or classic styles of suits and how you would style them for the Fall. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Eggie 

Trousers- Eggie

Heels- Steve Madden

Bag- Zara

Earrings- Aldo

Being a person who always loves to create the best content possible, it can sometimes be nerve-racking when items arrive that don’t exactly fit the vision in the way you expected them to. One thing that’s so intriguing about the fashion industry is that it’s not “one size fits all;” and because of that, there are times when it may take a bit of extra effort to style a piece specific to your body type. While working with the Eggie brand, they allow me to select pieces from their catalog that coincide best with my personal style. Though this dark floral printed dress caught my eye, especially as we’re moving closer to the end of Summer, I didn’t quite expect it to fit the way it did. To be honest, upon initially trying it on, I didn’t think it was flattering for my shape at all. Specifically, because I have broad shoulders and a fuller bust, the cut of the neckline simply made me look boxy and quite wide. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to pull this ensemble together and it wasn’t until the moment I was about to shoot that I suddenly had an idea. The frock came with a tie detail at the front and due to the lack of support I was feeling, I wondered if by tying the fabric around my neck in a halter-style, I could achieve the look I was going for. This small detail completely turned this photo-shoot around for me, and I instantly went from a feeling of uncertainty, to elevated confidence and security. With that issue resolved I was ready to finish pulling together the rest of my outfit with my very worn-in pair of white leather converse and my geometric frames for a modern take on this Victorian-inspired garment. At this point, though my look was nearly complete, I still wanted to add a few more accessories for an extra layer of interest. I felt that my wood basket cross-body bag was the perfect item, as it was neutral and still captured the essence of the season. Lately I’ve also been into mixing metals, so my mini gold hoops were an unexpected touch that just seemed to fit effortlessly. I was genuinely proud of how this ensemble turned out because it forced me to think outside of the box and create a look that was specific to accentuating my frame in the best way. Were you ever forced to wear something unconventionally to make it more complimentary to your body type? Comment below and until next time!

Outfit  Details & Links:

Dress- Eggie

Sneakers- Converse

Bag- Free People

Earrings- & Other Stories

Sunglasses- Quay

This look was a complete breath of fresh air because it seems like all I’ve been wearing lately are various forms of printed and/or slip dresses. When I was contacted by the Eggie team again for a second collaboration, I went in with the mindset of selecting pieces that represented my style but were also different than the frocks I had been gravitating towards. They sent me about 4 pieces, and I instantly knew that this white lace top was one of the first items I had to style. Despite the high Summer temperatures, denim was the first thing I thought of when imagining what I would pair with this piece. On a recent shopping trip, I found these loose fitting high-waisted boyfriend style jeans that I knew I had to have. They gave the most chill and relaxed feel that made me think of the 90’s and how without even trying, every girl appeared so effortlessly cool. I also felt that they created the perfect silhouette to contrast against the dainty, feminine garment I had been sent. Though the lace was delicate, the bralette that it came with created a sportier and more casual vibe that provided a nice balance for the overall look. As a wild card, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a statement shoe and these chunky, tortoise-print heeled sandals were exactly what I needed to bring my vision to life. They are so incredibly comfortable I was surprised it had taken me this long to style them on my blog; I’ve literally been living in them! As a final touch to tie everything together, I chose an eye-catching pair of earrings featuring gold and wood accents. Though this was the only accessory I incorporated, I loved how much they complimented the color palette of my ensemble in the best way. All in all, though fairly simple, this look was the reset I needed to step out of the box and bring more versatility back into my wardrobe. Comment below your favorite piece, and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Eggie

Jeans- Zara

Heels- Zara

Earrings- Zara


I don’t think anything could have truly prepared me for my blogging journey and the best part is, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still only just the beginning! Introducing more luxury items and garments to my platform has always been a thought, but it was something I wanted to happen organically. That being said, I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by the DVF team to collaborate and style an item from their Summer collection. I’ve been styling a lot of frocks as well as printed pieces in general lately, so I wanted to make sure this shoot had a completely different feel and theme. While the goal is always to keep the focus on the clothing, I knew I wanted to find a location that was just as striking as the bold, Summery print! To my surprise, it didn’t take long before we stumbled upon a “south of the border” inspired bar which captured the essence of Latin America and just so happened to match my ensemble perfectly! The vibrant colors of the establishment, cheeky signage, and abundance of foliage truly helped bring my vision to life in such an editorial way; it’s hard to believe it wasn’t planned. Slip dresses have literally been everywhere over the last few years, so instead of just wearing it as is, I decided to bring a bit of casual edge with a ribbed t-shirt layered underneath. Additionally, since the frock was slightly too big for me, I used this as an opportunity to accessorize and cinch my waist with a belt featuring gold ring details. I didn’t want to over-style or add anymore pieces that would potentially distract from the main garment, so I chose to keep it simple with a pair of satin heeled sandals with feminine bow accents. I really loved how shoes complimented the lace trim on the dress and elevated the look in a subtle way. As a final touch, I threw on my twisted gold hoops and sunnies, which truly helped bring cohesiveness to the ensemble overall. This may have been my most well-matched outfit and setting to date and I couldn’t be more grateful to the DVF team for offering me this opportunity. With only a month left of Summer, let me know in the comments if there are any other looks you’d like to see from me before I dive into Fall content. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- DVF

T-shirt- & Other Stories

Heels- Mango

Sunglasses- Mango

Earrings- & Other Stories

There are a few common factors I truly love and tend to stick to when it comes to my personal style; one being, stepping outside of my comfort zone. When I selected this dress from the Who What Wear collection catalog, I was instantly intrigued by the cut, but didn’t actually consider how I would style it. Upon receiving the garment and trying it on, I became slightly more concerned as it was a lot more feminine than I had expected. It was such a sweet piece that honestly reminded me of a 1940’s frock, but with a modern twist. I figured I could take the easier route that I’m used to and throw on a pair of sneakers, or simply play into the theme and see what happens. Without hesitation I chose the latter and began thinking of accessories that could help me transform this look into something that was more up my alley. Because the dress was so vibrant on its own, I quickly realized that incorporating any neutral pieces would only bring down the boldness of the outfit as a whole. After a few more considerations, it finally hit me; color-blocking was the way to go! To further intensify the brightness, I decided to add my satin fuchsia pumps and really take this lady-like style to the next level. It’s so interesting to me how clothing can truly alter your mood and bring out different aspects of your personality. For me, this look made me feel so prim and proper, I couldn’t help but feel like going to Tiffany’s for the chicest breakfast of all time! Lastly, to complete the ensemble, I found a pale-yellow cylinder bag which oddly enough meshed with the other tones perfectly. I liked that although it was a striking color, it was still muted enough to not clash with the rest of the outfit. With every look I create, I am excited to challenge myself and try new styling techniques that allow me to step outside of the box. It can be very easy to wear the same pieces and become complacent in your daily wardrobe, but it never hurts to freshen things up a bit! Comment below a garment you never thought you’d like/wear but ended up really enjoying after giving it a try. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Who What Wear

Heels- & Other Stories

Bag- Mango

Earrings- & Other Stories



As a blogger or “influencer,” one of the things I’ve truly begun to appreciate over the years, are the relationships I’ve built with brands. Aside from creating content I love, there’s nothing better than affirmation from brands that also appreciate the time and effort being put forth, while continuing to support your craft. I had the pleasure of working with two companies I’ve collaborated with in the past to showcase products from their new Summer collections. I’ve been a fan of Who What Wear for quite some time, and what truly amazes me about their clothing is the consistency in showcasing the latest trends in the most affordable way. As soon as I saw this abstract lemon printed bardot top, I was sold! The style was super playful yet feminine and captured the essence of the season perfectly! To keep the focus on this vibrant piece, I chose a neutral pair of tailored trousers to style it with. I absolutely loved the juxtaposition of the frilly top, with the more masculine structured pant. In efforts to keep things casual, a flat sandal instantly seemed like the way to go. To my surprise, I found the most unique pair of slip-ons featuring an interesting rope-style construction. Once the basic frame of the look was complete, I was ready to move onto accessories! Daniel Wellington is another brand I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times, and the quality, elegance, and versatility of their time pieces never goes unnoticed. I had been gifted the perfect watch to compliment my top which featured a stark white band and rose gold hardware. For added cohesiveness, I also styled the matching rings and cuff bracelet which provided a smart, chic feel to the overall look. I decided to mix metals with a pair of yellow-gold earrings as a final touch and was ready to take on the heatwave! This look truly came together in the most effortless way and made me feel so lucky and grateful for the growing partnerships I’ve built with these brands thus far! Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Who What Wear

Trousers- Zara

Sandals- & Other Stories

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Earrings- & Other Stories

Rings- Daniel Wellington

Bracelet- Daniel Wellington

I love doing collaborations with brands, especially when they are companies I wouldn’t have ordinarily found on my own. The Geisha House is a Philadelphia-based boutique that prides itself on stocking effortless, trendy pieces from a variety of brands for every type of girl who is confident enough to let her style speak for itself. Because they so graciously gifted me 3 pieces, I decided to create a mini look-book, showcasing the different genres that make up my personal style. The first look was definitely the most casual/streetstyle inspired. I would never go so far as to consider myself a “tomboy,” however I do have a deep love for contrast, and the pairing of dresses and sneakers never seems to get old. The vibrant salmon color of the slip dress was absolutely gorgeous and I instantly knew I wanted to channel my inner “cool-girl.” I decided to test the waters and layer a hawaiian shirt over the frock to really capture the laid back essence Summer brings. Finally, with my cat-eye frames, monogram necklace, and matching gold hoops, I was beyond pleased with how the look came together!

Outfit Details & Links: Shirt// Dress// Socks// Sneakers// Sunglasses// Necklace// Earrings


For the second look I decided to keep the jewelry the same, but this time create a more elevated and chic ensemble, using this animal printed skirt as the focal piece. I’ve seen so many variations of satin skirts over the last few seasons but I’ve never seen one quite like this. Unlike the usual styles, this one in particular appears to have a blended print of all the wild jungle cats which definitely made it stand out to me. To play off of this bold garment, I knew I wanted to tie in a blazer to further enhance the strong, “boss babe” style I was going for. Underneath, I added a cut-out bodysuit which seamlessly tied both patterned items together, and my bright orange heeled sandals for an unexpected pop of color. As a final touch, I added my aviator frames and was ready to get down to business…or just go to brunch, lol.

Outfit Details & Links: Blazer//Bodysuit// Skirt// Heels// Sunglasses// Necklace// Earrings


For my final look, I ended up creating an outfit that is honestly not my typical style, but was more of a preppy/quirky take on the movie Clueless. I knew I didn’t want to style this neon knit tank on it’s own, so I immediately began thinking of ways to layer it. I already had the shorts and boots combo in mind but it was just a matter of finding the perfect piece to complete this “wildcard” of a look, and make it my own. After a few more attempts and rummaging through my closet, there it was; the lace shirt I had been looking for! Once it was all said an done, I felt somewhere between an extra in a 90’s teen drama and Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls; but all in all, I was happy with it. Definitely check out the relaunch of The Geisha House website for all of your Summer fashion needs, and use my code: ASHLEY20 for 20% off. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: Lace Shirt// Tank Top// Shorts// Boots// Earrings


There are so many perks when it comes to holidays; the long weekends, time off from work, quality time to spend with friends and loved ones, and of course THE SALES! Below I’ve rounded up some July 4th sales that are still going on even though the fireworks and barbecues may have ended. Work off those hot dogs and burgers with some retail therapy below; until next time!