Without having done any research, I think it’s safe to assume that camel, burgundy, and khaki would be in the running for most popular Fall colors. For some reason during this time of year, it just seems like the richer and darker shades always go hand in hand with the “cozy vibes” we all seek. In the same vain, are you even doing the season justice if you’re not breaking out those coveted knit pieces? If I had to guess, my collection of knitwear is probably the the most prominent category in my wardrobe, and I just can’t seem to stop it from growing! I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to a few new brands this year and was graciously gifted a variety of items, including this midi dress from Heartloom. I could not be more impressed with the quality of the garments and knew I would enjoy styling them immediately! This frock initially stood out to me on the website due to the ribbed detailing. Unlike other similar dresses in this fabric, I loved the subtle detail of having the panels increase in size as they flowed down from the neck to the bottom hem. To no-one’s surprise, I’ve also been doing quite a bit of shopping myself. I recently purchased a shearling clutch that I had been waiting to style and accessorize with the perfect ensemble! Because it is a neutral piece, there were many things I could have worn it with but after pairing these new closet gems together, I knew they were a monochrome match made in heaven! In efforts to provide a slight juxtaposition, I grabbed my latest pair of chocolate knee high boots featuring croc-embossed texture, and a tortoise pair of cat eye frames which perfectly blended the light and dark hues. Though fairly simple, I really feel like this outfit packs a chic punch when it comes to the various textiles and contrasting elements. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

When I think of the Autumnal season, the first word that always comes to mind is “cozy.” Below I’ve rounded up a few pieces that are sure to enhance your wardrobe and keep you Fall-ready, whether relaxing at home or out and about! Click the images in the carousels for direct links to the items and until next time!






We all know the importance of consuming our greens, but who would’ve thought it would be just as nice to wear them?! Green has easily become one of the standout colors in fashion this year. Whether sporting a head to toe monochrome look, or simply using it as a pop of color with your accessories, I’ve rounded up tons of options to get these leafy shades incorporated into your wardrobe. Click the images in the carousels for direct links to the pieces & until next time!






It’s no secret that florals are mainly associated with the Spring season, but personally, I’ve always been a bigger fan of the darker prints than the brighter alternatives. The motifs that I gravitate towards tend to have a moodier, more sultry feel which I think is perfect during the cooler months and makes more of an unexpected statement. My friends and I are constantly sending each other pieces that catch our eye, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this gorgeous frock appear in my inbox when it did. This dress was right up my alley from the pattern, to the cut-outs, neckline, and overall construction of the garment. From the moment I saw it, I knew this was a showstopper that would absolutely thrive in my wardrobe. Because my foundational garment was such an eye-catching piece, I really didn’t want to distract from it by over accessorizing. That said, I opted for my favorite black knee-high boots and a simple pair of green frames to coordinate with the colors in my ensemble. Another thing I love about dressing for the Autumnal season, is the ability to layer as the temperatures begin to decline. I could layer this under a chunky turtleneck which would give the appearance of it being a fitted skirt, or just drape on a luxe scarf and wool coat for extra warmth. I say that to say, there is still versatility in Fall/Winter fashion and with a couple tweaks you can get the most out of your statement items by pairing them with your closet essentials. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

There are certain styles that will always be classically chic to me and no matter how simplistic or boring they may be to some, I’ll always appreciate them. This is exactly how I feel about all/primarily black ensembles. I’ve heard individuals comment on how they can be too harsh, or suggest other darker shades like navy, grey, or brown as alternatives; and while I love those colors in their own right, nothing in my opinion can compare. There’s just a badass edginess that comes with wearing black head to toe, and for me it will always be a staple look especially during the colder months. These powerful monochrome outfits make such an impact no matter what garments are being displayed, or in what room you happen to be in. I’ve personally had my eye on this faux leather set for quite some time and made no hesitation to buy it when to my surprise, it had actually gone on sale. It’s no secret that I have fully embraced the lace-up detailing trend this year, and figured it was only right that I add a Fall/Winter appropriate version to my wardrobe. Because this set was nearly a complete look on it’s own, I knew it would just be a matter of incorporating the perfect accessories to finish it off. Though I was sure that I wouldn’t be working with any color specifically, I decided almost immediately that this would be my opportunity to showcase my new cow-printed bag. I was so happy to see over the last 18 months how many black-owned business were finally getting the shine and recognition they deserved, so I was determined to support in any way I could! This accessory, while it was not necessarily a “pop of color,” still added an element of interest that brightened & provided contrast to the palette I was working with. That being said, in “matrix-like” fashion, I chose to complete the ensemble with matching heeled sandals that featured an ankle spiral which mimicked that of my top, and my blackest sunnies for a bit of drama. This outfit is one that I’m sure I’ll be reaching for on several occasions throughout the upcoming seasons, and look forward to updating it with boots and other statement outerwear pieces. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Top- NA-KD

Skirt- NA-KD

Heels- Mango

Bag- Brandon Blackwood

Sunglasses- Le Specs

Knit. Leather. Boots. All things that come to mind when the crisp air hits my face and I realize that we are finally in the midst of Fall. While this is easily my favorite time of year, it’s bittersweet because it is also extremely short lived. Personally speaking, my key to success is clearing out space for new autumnal pieces towards the end of August so that I can make the most out of my new additions before I’m forced to cover them with layers of outerwear. Warm tones and neutral shades also seem to make a significant impact in my wardrobe around this time. For this season, it all began with a chic knitted halter-neck sweater. As a lover of knitwear, I’m always so intrigued by the new design tactics and styles that come out year after year. I instantly knew this would be a focal piece for any ensemble I created with it, but was slightly torn on whether I wanted to keep the look simple or incorporate a few unexpected items. Dark denim is also a classic staple associated with the colder months, so luckily I had the opportunity to showcase a pair I recently added to my collection. This particular style was cropped, which is something I tend to gravitate towards as it leaves room to highlight statement footwear; which brings me to the accessories! I bought this two-toned pair of knee high boots last year during the black Friday/cyber Monday sales and though I didn’t get much wear out of them then, I knew in 2021 I would have my chance to break them out. So without hesitation, I decided to do just that! At this point, my outfit consisted mostly of cool-toned browns, however the stitching and hardware on my jeans were a much warmer, caramel-colored hue. That said, fashion is all about taking risks so I made the executive decision to finish off the look with a lighter, toffee brown clutch and a pair of cat-eye tortoise frames to tie in the light and dark elements. Overall, I was really feeling the seasonal vibes and look forward to re-wearing these garments in various ways ASAP! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweater- Jonathan Simkhai

Jeans- Zara

Boots- Looks Like Summer

Bag- & Other Stories

Sunglasses- & Other Stories

It’s finally here! My favorite autumnal season is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! As I’ve stated on several occasions, this time of year is special to me for many of reasons but these days it’s been all about the shopping! I have recently added quite a few new pieces to my wardrobe, and have thoroughly enjoyed creating looks that will be absolute showstoppers as I make my way around these northeastern streets. One of the standout items I knew I had to feature immediately was this poplin midi dress! Now it’s no secret that the wrap-tie detailing has taken the fashion world by storm and has found its place on a variety of garments including frocks, tops, and even blazers. I personally loved how simplistic, yet impactful this piece was and knew it wouldn’t need a lot of styling to create the moment I was after. Generously, I had also been gifted a pair of brown heeled sandals and knew they would be a match made in heaven! From this point, I was already set on the idea that this would be a monochromatic outfit, incorporating various neutral shades. I nearly forgot that I had a croc-textured crossbody bag that was a perfect color match to my shoes, and probably one of the only purses I own with silver hardware. It was important to me that despite working with essentially one color palette, I still made it a point to play with texture and different hues. The light khaki worked so well against the richer toned accessories; not to mention my nails, which served as an added pop of interest. Finally, I threw on a matte pair of sunglasses, a few silver rings, and was completely satisfied with the ensemble overall. Though understated, this look definitely packs a punch and can easily be built upon to accommodate colder temperatures with the addition of boots and outerwear. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- L’Academie

Shoes- Aldo

Sunglasses- NA-KD

Bag- Zara

September is such a special month for me! As we move into the new season, we are met with updated transitional pieces to incorporate into our closets, NYFW, and most importantly, MY BIRTHDAY! I’ve decided to kick off this exciting time by styling some of the goodies I’ve recently acquired. Being a resident of the northeast, I always tend to gravitate towards my most standout items as the temperatures begin to drop. Especially once we are in the midst of Winter and coats and boots are the only things people see, I find joy in showcasing the garments that are going to provide interest to every outfit. There are quite a few trends I’ve incorporated into this look, so let’s start from the top, shall we?! Tie-dye has made a strong comeback over the last few years, and though I was never opposed to it, I hadn’t come across any options that seamlessly fit with my style aesthetic. About a week ago however, my luck changed when I stumbled upon this short sleeved turtleneck. I immediately fell in love with the print and it’s striking yet understated feel. Because I was basically only working with 2 colors throughout the ensemble (blue & white), I knew I’d be able to pair multiple statement pieces without clashing. While this may be an unpopular opinion, I seem to be one of the few individuals that truly enjoys wearing jeans. After years of buying so many classic styles, I’m finally at a place where I feel comfortable expanding my denim range. This particular pair was something I knew I had to have and would get tons of wear out of for years to come, despite the abstract design. The line detailing, which gave a water-like effect, also provided a perfect synergy between the items. When it came to accessories, I knew I wouldn’t need to do much as my foundational pieces were already so bold. That being said, I was generously gifted a bag that was just too good not to include! It added an extra layer of interest and worked perfectly with my monochromatic theme. To complete the look, I threw on my favorite clear frames, a simple pair of strappy heels, and silver jewelry as a dainty touch. I loved the slightly maximalist approach this outfit took and as the year continues, I may challenge myself to style more items in this way. Comment below your favorite featured garment and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Norma Kamali

Jeans- Alexander Wang

Heels- Aldo

Bag- Brandon Blackwood

If I had to choose, blazers would definitely be in my top 5 Fall essentials. They are the perfect light layer to instantly elevate and add structure to the most basic ensemble with minimal effort. I also love the variations of style, texture, and fit which each bring a different vibe. In my personal wardrobe I like to maintain a balance of tailored and oversized options, but I’ve also begun to gravitate towards dresses as well. The blazer dress is the perfect hybrid of formal and casual. Regardless of the setting, you can easily style these pieces with a plethora of accessories that will take your look from day to night. For this particular shoot, I was eager to wear this pale yellow frock in a wrap style. From the moment I saw it, I knew it would be a great closet addition due to it’s functionality and adaptability. Whether going to a business meeting, brunch, or running errands around the city, I am truly prepared for anything in this outfit! That being said, I chose to pair it down with a classic pair of white sneakers to really heighten the contrast and give more of a “street-style” edge. To further play into this juxtaposition, I still wanted to keep my jewelry dainty and therefore added a few gold pieces as well as a necklace featuring some pearl accents. Finally, to complete the look, I threw on an oversized pair of tortoise sunnies and was on my way! Despite not wearing heels, I still felt like a total BOSS in this ensemble and will continue to challenge the stereotype of what it means to look “professional” through clothing. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Zara

Sneakers- Nike

Sunglasses- Revolve

Necklace- & Other Stories

Though I am growing increasingly more excited for the transition into the new season, I could not help but take the next few weeks as an opportunity to crank out any last minute Summer looks I have yet to style. I think we can all agree that the biggest trend so far this year has been bold, saturated color. While I didn’t go too crazy, I definitely added a few pieces to my wardrobe that fit the bill and this skirt was no exception! It actually belongs to a two-piece set but for this particular styling session, I felt that using just one of the garments was more than enough to achieve the vibe I desired. Since I was working with such a bold print, I knew I wanted to include elements that were both complimentary as well as paired down for a subtle contrast. I was initially contemplating a few variations of white crop-tops, but in the end decided to go with the simplest option which was a plain ribbed tank. Along with highlighting some of the negative space in the skirt’s pattern, it also provided a nice balance to the ensemble overall. For footwear, I chose to take a bit of a risk and incorporate my newest pair of heels. From the moment I saw them, I knew they were a showstopper that belonged in my wardrobe. For some, I understand how this pairing could be a bit much, but for me they were absolutely perfect! As if this look couldn’t get any brighter, I took it a step further by also opting for a pink crossbody bag which really took things to the next level. As a final touch, I threw on some silver framed sunnies and jewelry to match the hardware on my accessories and keep them cohesive. I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn an outfit packed with so much color, but I truly enjoyed how it turned out and feel like I can officially go into Fall with no regrets! Comment below your favorite featured items and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Asos

Skirt- With Jean

Heels- Zara

Bag- Calvin Klein