Satin and silk scarves have been quietly leading the pack as one of the most popular Spring/Summer trends. Aside from adding delicate elements to any ensemble, I also love that they can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether in the form of accessories, or eye-catching tops, these printed pieces are definitely sticking around for the long haul! Check out the options I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!


Have you ever worn an outfit that literally made you feel like the coolest person in the room? Well, this was that look for me! I am definitely no stranger to jumpsuits, but this time I wanted to try and expand my styling capabilities. As we all know, one-pieces like these are basically all-encompassing outfits so it’s really the accessories that are relied upon to make the statement. Since we are finally getting a glimpse of Summer weather, I was excited about the reality of not having to layer a t-shirt or turtleneck under this garment. To highlight the deep v-neck design on both front and back, I did however throw on a racerback lace bralette for a touch of feminine flare. Recently, I’ve noticed the incorporation of silk/satin scarves becoming increasingly popular as accent pieces for various ensembles. Whether worn in one’s hair, on a bag, or as a necktie, this trend appears to be sticking around this season. When I came across this vibrant red printed option, I knew it would be the perfect eye-catching element to add to this look; so needless to say, I went with the latter option in regards to styling.  For footwear, while I do love my heels, I chose to keep it casually classic with my AF1s which ended up complimenting the slightly cropped hem of the jumpsuit in the best way; if I do say so myself. There really is nothing like breaking out a fresh pair of white sneakers on a bright Summer day and I look forward to wearing mine as much as possible this year! Finally, to complete the ensemble, I wanted to include a piece that I had been holding onto for months! This shearling fanny pack solidified my 90s athleisure vision and made me feel like heading to every Kith and sneaker store in Soho, lol (jokes, but you get the idea)! All in all, I loved how this look touched on so many style genres and still left me feeling comfortable, cute, and effortless. Let me know your favorite item in the comments below and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Jumpsuit – & Other Stories

Scarf- Topshop

Sneakers- Nike

Bag- Champion

I’ve probably never put an outfit together faster, that I liked as much as this one! I purchased the boots first and had been waiting for the perfect time to style them. While I wasn’t set on a specific direction, I knew that I wanted to style them in a contrasting way (per usual) against more feminine pieces. What initially caught my attention, was the white piping along a seam of the shoe, as well as the bright blue tab that added an unexpected pop of color. To highlight the stark accent detail, I had pretty much come to the realization that a white frilly dress of some kind was exactly what I needed. Turns out, when it was actually time to do my shopping, I was feeling tremendously under the weather; thus, I made the executive decision to pick one store and not leave until I found my entire look. Now, I’m sure this sounds a bit crazy and overwhelming– IT WAS! I had no idea what I was walking into and hadn’t done any previous online research to see if the store I selected even had pieces that fit my vision; turns out, they did not. At this point it was crunch time so after leaving the fitting room line and putting back a cream-colored dress that I wasn’t very fond of to begin with, I began brainstorming a new plan. At that moment I remembered I had seen a sheer white tunic a few weeks prior, so I quickly located it as soon as possible. By this point, I was starting to get excited because although I had to forgo the frock idea, I was still able to pick up a garment that had the dainty feel I was looking for. From this point, things were much easier as I just needed to find pieces to wear underneath this see-through number. After taking a few more laps around the store, I came across a satin bralette and a table full of denim shorts. Initially, I was leaning towards the obvious choice (which was black), however I decided on the grey distressed version as they were softer and didn’t take away from harsh contrast that the patent booties brought to the look. Lastly, I felt like a bag was needed since I didn’t see any jewelry that really fit the theme of my ensemble. Unfortunately, this was also a bit of a challenge because most of the accessories either didn’t have silver hardware to match the metal accent on the heel of my shoes or were just completely inconsistent with the style genre. Finally, I came across a bright yellowish-lime green cross-body that seemed perfect, yet slightly random at the same time. Though very different in color, it appeared to be the same tone as the blue on my boots which complimented them quite nicely. Overall this look, though rushed, turned out to be one of my favorites for the season! I challenge all of you to try and style an entire outfit from just one store of your choosing, without using any of the pre-styled mannequins for reference (just for fun of course). Until next time!

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Top- Zara

Bralette- Zara

Shorts- Zara

Boots- Calvin Klein

Bag- Zara

Honestly speaking, the idea of going to a festival of any kind has never really appealed to me; the long lines, poor cell phone reception, lack of seating, and let’s not forget that I am on the shorter side. That being said, when I was contacted by the lovely team at Calvin Klein to style a few pieces from their festival edit collection, I was ready and willing to take on the challenge, and style a look that reflected my personal style as well as the iconic brand. When I think of CK, themes of minimalism, comfort, and all-around essential wardrobe staples come to mind. I also wanted to make it a point to select pieces that could easily serve as the foundation for more elaborate looks that may be transformed to fit any number of the Summer festivities that are quickly approaching. In short, I didn’t think I could go wrong with a classic pair of denim and a simple top. Though the “mom jean” has really taken off as probably the most popular fit at the moment, I decided to throw it back to an old favorite of mine; the boyfriend jean. In my opinion, this relaxed style truly captures the essence of the CK brand and gives a nod to the effortless style of the 90’s that I personally love. Instead of opting for a signature slogan tee, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bodysuit featuring a cross-strap keyhole detail on the back that gave the most flattering silhouette. I was instantly sold and thrilled that each piece, though fairly plain, had unique eye-catching elements that made them pop in the subtlest way. To dress up the look a bit more, I decided to add a blazer; however, this wasn’t just any blazer, it was a menswear blazer kindly passed down from my oh-so-generous Father. Any oversized piece of outerwear would have sufficed, but I was drawn to the gorgeous floral printed lining and felt that it was an unexpected touch that gave a fun, seasonal flare. To complete the look, I opted for white heeled sandals, gold earrings and frames to match the metallic clasp on the shoe. All and all, while understated, I was pleased with how this look turned out and encourage you all to head over to the Calvin Klein website to spruce up your Spring/Summer wardrobe with versatile pieces for every occasion! Use the code: CKCOACHELLA or CKFESTIVAL for 10% of your order. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Lord & Taylor

Bodysuit- Calvin Klein

Jeans- Calvin Klein

Heels- Topshop

Frames- Urban Outfitters

Earrings- Zara

For my third look in collaboration with the Eggie brand, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone. While I am no stranger to co-ords, the vibrant color of this suit alone was a bit of a risk for me. That being said, I was really drawn to the over-sized fit and construction of the jacket, so I was willing to give it a try. Upon receiving these items, I was honestly still slightly intimidated as this may be the brightest look I’ve ever styled. The beauty of separates of any kind is that you instantly have 90% of your ensemble completed, and since this suit was the obvious focus, I didn’t think much more needed to be added to pull it all together. I decided to play off of the white buttons by adding my round frames instead of a white shoe. Though the latter may have been the go-to for some, I didn’t want to be too “matchy” or have something that stark at the bottom of the look that would compete for attention. For a more subtle approach, I decided to throw on a pair of silver, minimal strappy heeled sandals, and my geometric earrings for metallic cohesiveness. My favorite part of this outfit would have to be the extra flap detail that wrapped around and buttoned at the front of the suit jacket. I have never seen a garment with this type of design off the runway, and it truly made me appreciate the creativity and attention to tailoring that went into making this piece. I think it’s important to push boundaries when it comes to anything in life (creatively or not) because while it may feel uncomfortable, it will only help to uncover your full potential. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Suit Blazer- Eggie

Suit Trousers- Eggie

Heels- Zara

Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Earrings- & Other Stories





Biker, bermuda, or cycling shorts have all become synonymous for a popular trendy piece over the last few Spring/Summer seasons. That being said, it appears that this garment isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and in fact has begun to expand making it more versatile outside of just “athleisure” ensembles. Below I’ve rounded up a few styles that I would definitely add to my collection as we get deeper into the warmer months. Let me know in the comments what you think about these pieces and if you’re willing to give any of them a try this year. Until next time!

It’s so beautiful and refreshing to see everything begin to bloom and take on new life as we move into the warmer seasons; so, it was only right that I capture some of nature’s beauty and feature the gorgeous cherry blossom trees. This is the second look I styled in collaboration with the Eggie brand, and I honestly think it might have been my favorite! When I initially saw this sustainable top on the website I was drawn to it immediately. At the same time, I was also anxious to receive and find out if I could actually pull it off. To my surprise, it completely exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, fit, and overall details. Because it was white however, I was left with plenty of options in terms of what to pair it with (which is not a bad problem to have, might I add). I had recently saw and purchased a pair of cream, paper bag waist, faux leather shorts; and though I was excited to wear them, a part of me felt like maybe it was too soon. That said, I ended up taking my chances and styling the pieces together despite my hesitation. At this point, being that my color palette was so light, I wanted to find a way to even it out with a bit of contrast. I had also bought a pair of black embossed mules and decided to add them to my ensemble which brought a casual, more “daytime-appropriate” vibe. For accessories, I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to showcase my new mini wrist-bag; and it couldn’t have been delivered at a more perfect time! The multi-colored stripes really helped to tie in each garment as well as the shoes, to create one cohesive outfit. Lastly, no Spring/Summer look would be complete without a pair of sunglasses, so I grabbed my black cat-eye frames and the look was complete! The overall combination of feminine and edgy pieces is really one of my favorite juxtapositions, as it truly defines my style perfectly and is the foundation of a lot of my looks. Let me know in the comments your favorite part about Spring and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- Eggie

Shorts- Topshop

Mules- Zara

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff

Sunglasses- Mango

It’s no secret that the neon trend is here to stay, but I must admit, I’m honestly at a point where I can only tolerate it in small doses. Though striking, I feel like it has been a bit overdone at this point and it may be time to scale back on the fluorescence. I was lucky enough to have recently been contacted by the generous folks at Eggie, and was asked to select a few pieces from their 2019 festival collection. What I love most about this brand, aside from the fact that it was created by a fellow influencer, is the awareness brought to the importance of sustainable clothing; and, as an added bonus, means that these pieces are built to last and can survive in your wardrobe for many seasons to come! (I’ll be featuring more items from this brand in the upcoming blog posts as well so stay tuned!) Over time I’ve slowly become a girl that loves her tailoring, so when I saw this unique cold-shoulder blazer, I knew I had to give it a try. Because this piece is such a standout and has the most beautiful neckline, I didn’t want to over-accessorize with too much jewelry or other garments that might clash. Luckily, I remembered that I had a pair of denim biker shorts coming in the mail and they ended up being the perfect complimentary piece. To brighten up look and play off the seasonal Spring excitement, I couldn’t resist adding a pop of color with a sleek yet vibrant pair of strappy chartreuse mules. Last but certainly not least, I added my vinyl baker boy cap for a bit of edge and my natural woven mini backpack which really pulled out the cream shades in the plaid detail on the jacket. I was beyond pleased with how this outfit turned out and can absolutely see myself rocking it to brunch very soon. Comment below your favorite item from this look and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Eggie

Shorts- Mango

Heels- Mango

Hat- Topshop

Backpack- Zara

There’s nothing like breaking out a new pair of white sandals on a sunny Spring or Summer day! No matter what the style may be, they always tend to add a sleekness to any look while showcasing elements of timeless minimalism. Below I’ve rounded up a few variations that are sure to compliment a wide variety of ensembles this season. Don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks and until next time!

It may be a shock that blue is not a favorite color of mine as it seems to be a common factor in a lot of my recent looks. That being said, whether this hue is currently on trend or I’m just organically gravitating towards it, I am enjoying the presence it’s been having in my wardrobe. Usually when shopping for pieces to shoot, I tend to seek out at least one item that is either statement-making or something that I am able to transform and style in an unexpected way. Of course, while there may be an excitement that comes with that, every now and then I like to scale things back and style a more “obvious” look. Most retailers are currently promoting their new Spring/Summer collections and with that comes an abundance of vibrant colors, bold prints, and vacation-wear galore. So, in efforts to create an ensemble that I felt completely embodied the season, I chose to keep things simple with a floral blouse and straight-legged denim (ground-breaking, I know). I’m not quite sure what it was, but these garments together truly gave me the effortless feel I was hoping to portray. While the blue shade was probably the subtlest in the overall pattern of the shirt, when paired with the extremely light wash jeans, it seemed to become the most eye-catching. To keep the outfit delicate and minimal, I decided to complete it with a pair of strappy white mules which were absolutely perfect for my simplistic theme. Lastly, to take the cool tones one step further, I gave a nod to the 90’s with a pair of tinted frames featuring the most nostalgic aqua-colored lenses. I feel like I’ve been a huge fan of the “less is more” motto when it comes to my styling lately and truly believe that not every outfit has to necessarily have “shock value” to be great or attention-grabbing. Comment below your favorite piece from this look and what Spring trends (new or old) you’re most anticipating this season. Until next time!

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Top- & Other Stories

Jeans- & Other Stories

Heels- Zara

Sunglasses- & Other Stories