With everything that 2020 has thrown our way, for me, getting into the holiday spirit has been essential for ending this year on a somewhat positive note. Shopping for loved ones and friends is something that I always enjoy, so this year, I will be curating wish lists for nearly every person in your life! Stay tuned as each category will be updated daily and I may even include some bonus lists as we get closer to the holidays. I hope that even if you have not yet begun to feel festive, you find some joy and peace during this time. Swipe through the carousels for direct links to wish list items and until next time!













There’s something about the tones and color palettes during this time of year that truly warm my spirit. Whether you’re a lover of light neutrals, warm shades of brown, or just prefer to stick to a classic black ensemble, all of these combinations represent my favorite cozy season! For this look, I wanted to try to create the ultimate autumnal outfit which consisted of elements from each of the categories previously listed. Like everyone else, I have been obsessed with shades of chocolate and caramel since before Fall even began. In addition to that, I feel like I’ve been collecting every knitwear piece on the market which has been both exciting yet concerning for my wallet, LOL! While I typically end up unintentionally purchasing a few of my ensemble pieces together, every item in this look was added to my wardrobe on a completely separate occasion. Surprisingly, this time around, I had all of my accessories first. The sunglasses and heels had been in my closet for quite some time, but the bag was a newer find. From the moment I saw it online with it’s rich color and quilted texture, I knew it would be the perfect seasonal staple. I had also been eyeing up a pair of brown leather trousers that were unfortunately sold out in my size. Though it took me some convincing, I decided to settle on the black pair and I could not have made a better decision! Aside from being buttery soft, the seam details and fit are an absolute dream! The cut-out knit top was one of the last garments to complete this ensemble and though it definitely worked, I still felt like something was missing to tie everything together. At the last minute I remembered that I had been gifted a cream denim “shacket” and it was the very piece I was looking for. The tortoise buttons accentuated the bag and the overall color provided balance since the bottom half of the outfit was so dark. In my opinion, I would definitely say I succeeded in curating the perfect chic Autumn look! Comment below if you would wear this outfit and for what occasion. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Jacket- Alex Mill NY

Top- Zara

Trousers- Artitzia

Shoes- Zara

Bag- Mango

Sunglasses- Mango

These days, time feels like it’s moving quicker than ever and before we know it we’ll be stepping into a brand new year! Despite everything we were faced with in 2020, I am determined to make the most of these last few weeks by staying joyful, thankful, and truly engulfed in the holiday spirit! If you’re in need of some retail therapy or are ready to get started on those Christmas wish lists for your loved ones, I’ve linked below some of the brands currently participating in early Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! These retailers have everything from the oldest to the youngest, home décor enthusiasts, beauty lovers, fitness junkies, fashionistas, music fanatics, and more! I will be following up with specific gift guides starting next month, but in the interim, check out the links below! Until next time!

The evolution of leather pieces in fashion seem to constantly evolve. From matte to vinyl, coated, and snake-print, this fabric has truly become quite the transformative wardrobe staple. Recently, croc-prints have appeared to take off as the next trend and I’m certainly not complaining! As a lover of texture, these subtle details provide dimension and interest to any ensemble. Don’t forget to click the images below for direct links to shop! Until next time!

I think I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that contrast makes every outfit better! Whether it be light vs dark colors, dainty vs rigid fabrics or masculine vs feminine elements; incorporating some kind of juxtaposition always creates dimension and interest. I’ve styled a few slip dresses already this year, and though I didn’t intend to buy any more, this one was extremely hard to resist! Though some may have easily brushed it off as not being “weather appropriate,” I saw a beautiful opportunity for layering. For this styling session, I wanted to pair it with pieces that were on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, leaving the frock to be the focal point for movement and softer undertones. I actually purchased this cropped sweater the same day I got the dress with no intention of pairing them together. However, after doing a few laps around the store and seeing how well they complimented each other in my hands, I knew I had to give it a try! Another recent buy were my chelsea boots, which have easily become my favorite shoe of the season. Though I am typically a heel girl, I wanted to give this chunky footwear trend a chance and to my surprise ended up with one of the flattest versions I’ve seen on the market! I absolutely love their sleek design which allows them to mesh well with any ensemble, as well as the squared off toe which gives a very timeless yet luxe designer feel. Since adding these beauties to my wardrobe, I wear them every chance I get! Finally, to tie everything together, I added a black crossbody bag which managed to adhere to the casual theme while still adding some decorative elements with the shiny silver hardware. I loved how this look turned out and beyond that, am thrilled with how each piece can worn in a variety of ways. Comment below your favorite item featured and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweater- Zara

Slip Dress- Zara

Boots- & Other Stories

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff

If you’re looking to add dimension to your Fall or Winter outfits, playing with a variety of textures is always one of my go-to tips! Whether the ensemble is monochrome or a mixture of hues, different fabrics and layers can always create a more interesting, eye-catching look. Upon browsing for pieces to refresh my seasonal wardrobe, I came across this gorgeous croc-effect blazer. Literally everything about it had me sold from the structured shoulders, tie-waist details, and soft vegan leather. This garment was an absolute game changer and I was thrilled once I finally received it! It was quite evident that this gorgeous piece of outerwear would be the focal point of any outfit, so I made sure to pair it with items that would compliment it effortlessly. During this time of year, I also find myself gravitating towards darker denim. As I was going through my closet, I stumbled across a pair of slightly distressed skinny’s that I knew would be a perfect fit! I loved how the wash of the jean had somewhat of a greenish undertone which really accentuated the dark, mossy neutrals within the jacket. To complete the look and avoid clashing, I threw on a strappy black knit top and heeled sandals featuring similar details. I felt super confident and chic, but still felt as though something was missing. As a final touch, I added a pair of geometric sunnies and coordinating silver jewelry. What I love most about my style and the pieces I have collected over the years, is the striking subtleness of the details. It’s easy to make a statement while wearing the most “in your face” garments, but can you do it with something a little more demure? Comment below your favorite item featured and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- Source Unknown

Top- Zara

Jeans- William Rast

Heels- Mango

Sunglasses- Quay Australia

It’s officially sweater weather and I’m not even mad about it! If you haven’t already, now is the time to pull out those cozy layers and get ready for Winter to make its grand entrance. My knitwear collection has grown tremendously over the years from pullovers to cardigans and even sweater dresses. Comment below your favorite way to wear your knits and don’t forget to click the images below to shop my picks! Until next time!

As expected, Fall has managed to fly by and Winter has abruptly taken its place without warning. While I am not a huge fan of freezing temperatures, the holiday season is my favorite time of year so I don’t mind pulling out my cozy sweaters and getting into the spirit! At this point, at least in my opinion, there seems to be a fine line between shopping and hoarding these days. While there is still an urge to buy and prepare for the upcoming seasons, with limited access to restaurants and events, I’ve been forcing myself to only purchase items I am absolutely loving and that can last until whenever we resume some ounce of normalcy. That said, I’ve still been doing my due diligence as a consumer and have been quite pleased with the items I have recently added to my wardrobe. For instance, when I first saw this thick cropped knit sweater, I knew it had to be mine! The overall structure and braided detailing truly gave it more of a “high-end” feel, and made it the perfect standout piece on those colder days. Lately, I’ve noticed tailored trousers really making a statement in fashion. Whether worn casually with sneakers or a heeled shoe, they seem to have become the new “all-purpose pant” and I am definitely here for it! Though neutral shades have seemed to be the most popular (black, cream, tan/beige), I couldn’t resist this olive pair and I’m so happy I didn’t! Aside from the gorgeous color, the fit alone had me sold. These pants skimmed my heels effortlessly and were just loose enough to provide that chic laidback feel. Because they’re also high-waisted, they made for a great compliment to my shorter top which provided a solid foundation for the look. Once I had my focal pieces in place, it was time to accessorize! I decided to go with a few of my classic favorites including my snapshot crossbody and black sunglasses. I loved the pop of neon that the bag added and decided to coordinate my jewelry with the gold hardware. For footwear, I kept it simple with a pair of translucent black heels for a subtle yet eye-catching detail. I was absolutely thrilled with how this outfit turned out mainly because of options for versatility. This ensemble can easily be layered with a heavier coat or paired with chunky boots for an edgy vibe. Comment below your favorite piece and if you’ve found yourself shopping more or less than usual this year. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweater- Zara

Trousers- Zara

Heels- Aldo

Bag- Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses- Mango

Earrings- Mango

From the time I truly began investing in my wardrobe, my consistent goal was to eventually have a collection of pieces that were quality, timeless, and interchangeable. That being said, when I was contacted to try a few pieces from the new brand “Free Assembly,” available at Walmart, I jumped at the opportunity! After doing some research and reading up on the message behind the collection, I was thrilled to see that a lot of our values aligned. Not only were the garments on trend and affordable, they were size inclusive and full of classic silhouettes that can be worn for years to come. I was also very much sold on the color palettes that ranged from warm neutrals to understated florals and plaid motifs. When deciding on the look I would style, I wanted something that was of course chic, but also Fall appropriate. As soon as I saw the corduroy skirt sets my mind was made up, and though I almost took the plunge, I decided to continue looking and see what else I could find. Just as the line insists, these pieces were created to “mix, layer, and assemble freely.” This statement absolutely held true as I stumbled across a black, white, and slate grey plaid blazer. Though this may have been an odd pairing for some, I was confident that with a monochrome base I could absolutely pull off this ensemble. With the blazer and skirt in tow, I completed the outfit with the softest navy blue turtleneck and a pair of knee-high boots which beautifully tied everything together. As a final touch, I added a pair of statement earrings and was all set feeling confident in my “Clueless-inspired”, autumnal getup. Comment below your favorite piece and don’t forget to head to to shop these pieces and more from “Free Assembly!” Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

BlazerFree Assembly x Walmart

SweaterFree Assembly x Walmart

SkirtFree Assembly x Walmart

This post is sponsored by Adidas. All opinions are my own.

In my opinion, the phrase “home for the holidays” will have a slightly different meaning this year considering most of us have been confined to our residences for the majority of 2020. That said, I am personally still doing everything I can to maintain a positive outlook and enjoy this cozy season as it truly is one of my favorites. While it is common knowledge that Adidas is an activewear brand, it may be surprising to some that they also sell loungewear garments perfect for those days that are full of R & R. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment but one of the first things that makes me think of home is comfort. Pre-quarantine, the thought of getting back to my apartment to unwind after a long day of running around the city was one of the things I looked forward to most. The second thing I highly anticipated, was changing out of my clothes for the day and into something much more relaxed. As a part of this year’s holiday collaboration, I was gifted a few items that were designed with those comfy feels in mind. This is probably the simplest outfit I’ve ever blogged, but it is a true representation of the items I wear around the house. While in my sanctuary, I am a huge fan of anything that grants me the ability to opt out of wearing pants, LOL! For that reason, I was thrilled when I came across this elongated sweatshirt that completely fit the bill. Aside from being super warm, it also has a massive front pocket ideal for storing snacks while lounging around. In efforts to still have some kind of outfit coordination, I decided to pair it with burgundy knee-high socks that subtly accentuated the logo on my top. After putting on this ensemble, I was instantly ready to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch as many holiday films as I could find! Head over to the Adidas website to check out all of the pieces from their loungewear collection, and comment below your favorite item to wear when resting at home. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweatshirt- Adidas

Socks- Adidas