Though the circumstances in which we celebrate holidays may be drastically different this year, I think its safe to say that we can all use a bit of retail therapy to lift our spirits. Below I’ve rounded up a list of Memorial Day Weekend sales going on right now, so feel free to TREAT YO’SELF! Whether you’ll be showcasing your new goodies in the mirror, or at the next Zoom birthday party, at least you’ll be prepared for when life as we once knew it resumes. Until next time!

While I don’t typically feature luxury items, I have always been a fan of quality. Recently, there have been quite a few pieces that have caught my attention which I would absolutely consider saving for. Check out my selections below and comment if you’ve had your eye on any of these high end beauties as well. Don’t forget to click the images for direct links to shop and until next time!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was contacted by the Pantene team to try another one of their latest collections, I jumped at the opportunity! What I love most about the brand is that there always seems to be a well thought out message behind each of the products and their launches. This time, I was challenged to shut out the outside world and use my time trying these products as an opportunity for self care, reflection, and discovery. Honestly speaking, this couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment as now more than ever with everything going on in the world, the majority of our time is being spent at home. On the bright side, this allows for the ability to catch up on rest, read, finally organize my space in ways that I never had time to before, and most importantly, more frequent wash days! For the most part, I generally look forward to and take the most advantage of “self-care Sundays.” This is a designated time that I know for a fact, I can spend tending to my personal needs and preparing myself for the week ahead. I usually start out with cleaning my apartment to my favorite soundtrack of the moment, that way, my space is clean and I can then focus all of my attention on ME!

When it comes to my specific hair needs, I tend to gravitate towards moisture retention products the most. While I barely put heat on my hair, I do use tons of gel on a regular basis to create my sleek signature bun. Because of this, and how dry my routine can make my scalp, I knew that the Miracle Moisture Boost shampoo and conditioner with Rose Water would be the line for me! Aside from the heavenly scent, I found it fascinating that the rose water infused in the products actually came from the petals and buds of rosa gallica that thrive in the Middle East. These nourishing formulas also come free of sulfates and parabens, which are rich in the skin-hydrating Vitamins B5 & B3. After using these products my hair and scalp feel clean, without being stripped. Regarding the conditioner specifically, it leaves my strands feeling soft and my curls looking incredibly full and healthy. Over the years I’ve definitely noticed an increase in popularity when it comes to the benefits of rose water in both hair and skincare products. This is why it was no surprise to find out that women in regions such as Morrocco continue to use these types of natural ingredients in their beauty regimens to get ahead and deliver relief from the dry climates.

During this time of solitude and “social distancing,” it truly is in the moments of self-care that we can begin to reflect on ourselves, how we treat each other, and our planet. Appreciating the beauty of just being able to freely take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air is something that I’ve definitely taken for granted. We’ve just moved into Spring and oddly enough don’t have a date on when we’ll be able to go out and appreciate the blue skies, calm waves, or freshly bloomed flowers. That being said, I am confident in knowing that once we are able to resume life as it once was, I’ll be able to take it on with a restored outlook and refreshed hair thanks to the Pantene Nutrient Blends collection!

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My how time flies when you’re doing what you love! Exactly 5 years ago, on the first day of Spring, March 2015, the website for A Styled Mind was launched. At that time I was excited, nervous, and in no way prepared for all that I would learn along this journey. The challenges made for exponential growth, and the frustrations allowed room for me to hone in on my vision while planting the seed for what my platform could become. Seeing the evolution of my personal style, photography, and overall confidence in the fashion/influencer space has truly made me realize the importance of consistency, dedication, and quality work. While it would be impossible for me to try and predict what’s next, I can only hope for more accomplishments and opportunities, while I continue expressing myself through clothing. My mind is full of ideas and I still have tons of different content genres I’d like to expand the ASM brand into; menswear styling, fitness, cooking, and interior design to name a few.

Sooner than later, I’d love to work on building a team to support me in the expansion of my platform. As with any entrepreneurial venture, there are tons of sacrifices that must be made along the way, but with a strong foundation and loyal community, eventually the hard work will pay off and the fruits of your labor will be that much sweeter! Regarding future goals for the next 5 years, I’d love to have a capsule collection with a brand I am personally a fan of, run ASM full time, speak on a variety of panels geared towards the empowerment of women, have a feature in a global fashion magazine, and attend a luxury fashion show in either Paris or Milan. Though I don’t know where or how this journey ends, I am forever grateful for the support, kind words, and interest in my brand since the very beginning! Let’s cheers to 5 more shall we?!






Transitional periods like Spring can sometimes be tricky to shop for. Because they’re typically not the longest, in my opinion, it’s important to shop smart and look for staples that can be weather appropriate for the current season as well as those to come. Below, I’ve rounded up my top 10 garments/trends that will surely have you set for Springtime and even year-round with a few minor adjustments. Don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks and until next time!

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Slide View: 1: UO Joanie Batwing Cardigan
Twill Shacket - White - Ladies | H&M US
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Spring is right around the corner and while most of us are eager to rip off our outerwear during the day, no one wants to run the risk of being unprepared for those chilly nights. Below I’ve rounded up a few fickle weather friendly coats/jackets that won’t be a hassle to carry around if necessary, while also adding chic and trendy elements to your Spring wardrobe. Don’t forget to click the images for direct links to shop these garments and until next time!

Image result for ASOS DESIGN lightweight parka in washed gray

The countdown until Spring has officially begun and while I have no desire to purchase any more “cold weather” pieces, there always seems to be a garment that blurs the lines in the most irresistible way. During transitional seasons, at times it can be difficult getting dressed on a daily basis, as the weather can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day. That said, let’s rewind a bit. About a month ago my Mom came to visit me and during our bonding time it’s natural for us to do a bit of eating and of course, shopping. On this particular day, we managed to stumble into the DVF showroom in the Meatpacking District here in NYC, and there it was. The most amazingly vibrant coat I had ever seen! This wool number featured contrasting satin panels and a chic snap closure; SIDEBAR, it was also way out of my price range! I didn’t leave the store feeling discouraged however, as I knew that I would keep a close eye on it in case it ever went on sale. Long story short it did, and that is how our love affair began, LOL! My point is, while I didn’t necessarily “need” another coat, I was able to find a quality statement piece in a fun color that I could easily wear into the upcoming season while remaining on trend. Initially I figured I would wear this with jeans and keep my look fairly casual, but at the last minute I was able to find a pair of nude leather leggings I had been eyeing for a few weeks. While I was unsure about the color against my skin tone at first, after trying them on, I was sold! To my surprise, I also got lucky and found a pair of mules in almost the exact same color that I was determined to get my hands on in time for Summer, but had recently sold out online. As a bit of a wild card, I threw on a sheer floral top and my cat-eye tortoise sunglasses to coordinate with the other Earth tones. Yet again, I found myself in an ensemble that made me want to hop on the first direct flight to Paris and strut down the concrete runways with a baguette in hand. Comment below if you still find yourself gravitating towards outerwear and sweaters even though we’re moving into warmer temperatures. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Coat- Diane Von Furstenburg

Top- & Other Stories

Leggings- Zara

Heels- Mango

Sunglasses- Zara

Working in corporate, I am no stranger to the classic button down shirt. That being said, I’ve also never been afraid to push the envelope with my style and incorporate more fun, eye-catching elements. Below I’ve rounded up a few pieces that I would consider a more elevated take on the transitional work-wear garments we know and love. Whether these tops feature puffy sleeves, unexpected colors, organza details, and other interesting textures, give them a try this season and see if it’s something you like! Don’t forget to click the images for direct links to the items and until next time!

Slide View: 4: Urban Renewal Recycled Two Tone Tie-Dye Button-Down Shirt

Recently, I’ve tried to develop a much more conscious outlook when it comes to shopping. Instead of just seeing an item that I think is “cute” and immediately reaching for my wallet, I now give myself time to really decide whether or not this piece can make an impact in my wardrobe. Cost per wear also plays a major factor these days in deciding if I’m going to pull the trigger and leave the store with a particular garment or accessory. Specifically, I am referring to this Marc Jacobs cross-body which I have been eyeing up since before the holidays. Initially I thought I would receive it as a Christmas gift, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it remained on my wish-list a bit longer. While it is not a piece that would necessarily break the bank, it is definitely priced at a point that required an extra level of thought. That aside, this particular bag literally comes in every color combination you can think of! Because of this, I really wanted to make sure that the color-way I chose was different than anything I already owned, but also versatile enough that I could wear it across multiple seasons. Since I already had a few black bags, I knew that I was leaning towards something that was lighter in color, but could also serve as a neutral. After a few more weeks of deliberation, I finally settled on a taupe, cream, and blush option featuring gold accents, along with a strap highlighting neon and silver details. As far as I was concerned this bag literally covered all of the basis! It was trendy, wearable, and chic while still honing in on a few classic elements. I knew this accessory would be the focal point of the look so a black, white, and denim palette seemed like the way to go. While my jeans and lucite heels were already wardrobe staples, I decided to play off of the “business casual” trend and tried styling a classic white button-up shirt; something I haven’t done in quite some time. I loved the over-sized fit, balloon sleeves, and tiny cutouts which really made it unique. Though I wasn’t sure if this would actually suit me, I decided to take a chance and layered a black bralette over the top for an unexpected, Parisian flare. With a final addition of gold jewelry, I was absolutely thrilled with how this look turned out! If I had it my way, I would’ve jumped on the first flight to Milan fashion week; maybe next season! Comment below, your favorite part of this ensemble and if you’re also a more thoughtful shopper when deciding to add new editions to your closet. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Zara

Bralette- Zara

Jeans- Mango

Heels- Aldo

Bag- Marc Jacobs

There are a few trends when it comes to fashion that I am considerably particular about, and animal prints are definitely at the top of that list. While I do often view these patterns as what some would call an “elevated neutral,” I still think that there are ways to wear them that can be more flattering than others. Personally, especially when it comes to the leopard motif, I tend to steer clear of variations that are very warm-toned with strong underlying hues of yellow and orange. Ideally, the styles that stick out to me the most are more on the taupe side in color, with abstract looking shapes that make up the design. When I initially saw this frock, I was drawn to it however, I wasn’t sure if it was too early in the year for such a bold garment. Moments later after deciding to purchase it, I concluded that my styling strategy would be to tone the dress down with dark, more winter appropriate accessories. To truly ground this look and simultaneously add a bit of contrast, I chose to add a black and tan pair of snow boots as well as my Nike socks for a sporty/casual flare. I’ve had these shoes for a about a year and absolutely love how warm and durable they are, even on the coldest of days. Though the ensemble was nearly complete, I knew I still had a few more pieces to add that would really pull my vision together. Though the major selling points for me, with regard to this dress, was the neckline and fit, I wanted to accentuate the silhouette even further by adding a thick black belt which in turn also broke up the print in a chic way. To finish off the ensemble while adding a few more 90’s inspired pieces; my nylon mini bag, mixed metal earrings, and dark frames were the perfect elements needed to seamlessly take this outfit to the next level.  Comment below your thoughts on this look and if you are a fan of animal prints during the Winter months, or if you prefer to reserve them for warmer climates. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- & Other Stories

Belt- Zara

Boots- & Other Stories

Bag- Asos

Sunglasses- Mango