Over the years, as my knowledge and experience in the fashion/influencer space has grown, so have my viewpoints. For instance, despite what has been portrayed in the past, an ensemble can be both casual and chic. Although this may be obvious to some, displaying your personal style as a job can come with tons of pressure and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of only showcasing the most intricate of looks. In my opinion, one of the easiest tricks for elevating a more casual outfit would have to be sticking to a monochrome color palette. Regarding this particular look, I had no specific direction when it came to my initial styling, so relying on this tip definitely helped me pull everything together. During my browsing, I came across these straight-legged jeans and instantly realized that I had nearly let an entire decade pass without owning a grey pair! After deciding these would serve as my base, I began to search for items to pair them with. At first, I began reaching for more colorful garments to offset the darkness of the trousers; but to no avail, I opted for an embellished sweater in a similar shade. Another fashion hack I’ve grown to love and appreciate is incorporating a variety of textures. I was quite a fan of the rigid denim against the soft texture of the mohair top, as well as the eye-catching sparkle of the rhinestones. To complete the outfit, I kept it simple with a square-toed pair of black booties and 90’s inspired frosted frames. Though there still seems to be a huge emphasis on accessories, I’d like to get back to relying on the clothes themselves as the focal point of my looks in 2020. There’s nothing like having quality and timeless pieces that can be recycled for years to come and I intend to keep my wardrobe full of them. Until next time!

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Sweater – & Other Stories

Jeans- & Other Stories

Boots- Zara

Glasses- Asos

While mini bags have been a staple trend for more seasons than I can count, the over-sized accessories are slowly making a comeback and I can’t say I’m disappointed. It’s about time fashion goes back to a sense of practicality, and purses that can carry more than just a lipstick and credit card seem like a great place to start! Below I’ve rounded up a few options that have recently caught my eye and are still just as fashionable as the microscopic pieces we’ve grown to love. Comment below whether you prefer the miniature or the massive styles and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!

As we move into this new decade, I can’t help but feel more motivated, focused, and determined than ever! I can honestly say that while I had my share of fun in 2019, the play seemed to outweigh the work and towards the end, I definitely lost focus. That being said, with a new mindset and fire lit within me, I am looking forward to a year of accomplishments in 2020! Since this is officially my first blog post, I wanted to kick it off strong with a look that screamed, “BOSS!” It’s been a while since I’ve shot a jumpsuit, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to showcase a new style. Puffer sleeves have been a huge trend since last Spring/Summer and though I am a fan for the most part, I have seen a few garments that were a bit to voluminous for my liking. Because of this, I was hesitant but decided to try on this piece nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised with how this jumpsuit fit as well as its overall silhouette and structure. The versatile snap-closure neckline was probably my favorite accent, and definitely the detail that sold me on this item. I also loved the D-ring belt which helped cinch my waist in the most flattering way. In my opinion, this jumpsuit was the perfect fusion of chic and edgy! To further compliment those elements, I chose to accessorize with a pair of multicolored heels and a luxe watch to match. As a bit of a wildcard, I completed the ensemble with a cream, quilted “pillow clutch” which gave me all of the street-style vibes I could ask for. This outfit, though seemingly simple, is composed of so many intricate nuances that truly make it a showstopper in its own right! Comment below your favorite piece from this look and one goal you have set for yourself this year. Until next time!

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Jumpsuit- & Other Stories

Bag- Zara

Heels- Zara

Watch- Michele

In all honesty, 2019 was not one of my best. Though it did start strong, I found myself getting distracted and derailed from a few of the goals I had set out to accomplish. I lost a few friends, shed a lot of tears, and at one point felt as if I was losing sight of who I was as an individual. That being said, it wasn’t all bad. I probably did more traveling than ever this year and pushed myself to experience events that in previous years I had only witnessed on social media. I can’t say that I’m sad to leave this year behind (not that I really have a choice), but in the last few months I have really put forth the effort into making a plan of action for where I want to see myself in this next decade. I’ve made my mistakes, I’ve acknowledged the lessons, and now it’s time to put in the work to ensure that nothing but growth occurs from here on out. For me this is not just a new year, it’s a new beginning and opportunity to place myself into the spaces I want to be in order to succeed and live the life I have always dreamed of. For me, the silver lining is knowing that it’s not too late to make it happen.

In regards to my outfit, this was simply a case of wanting to get the most bang for my buck. The silver dress featured here, which I’m absolutely obsessed with, was actually what I wore for my 27th birthday this year. Unfortunately, I was having so much fun celebrating, I didn’t get a “post-worthy” photo in my opinion. Luckily, with the holiday season right around the corner (my birthday is in September), I knew I’d have a reason to pull this gorgeous frock back out of my closet; and what better occasion than NYE?! As with most of my festive looks this year, I decided to incorporate more casual elements instead of just opting for the classic formal attire that is usually to be expected. Because the dress was such a statement on it’s own, I didn’t mind pairing it with edgier pieces to create a funky, unexpected juxtaposition. The first garment I added was a sheer metallic top which I felt added a nice layer of dimension. Secondly, though I initially wore closed toe pumps with this outfit, I chose to switch it up to matching heeled sandals and pair them with Nike socks for a more “sports-luxe” twist. Lastly, I threw on my leather cream puffer jacket which I’ve also been loving and wearing nonstop this season. For me, aside from coordinating with the ensemble as a whole, adding this coat was a refreshing change from the faux fur options I typically gravitate towards. For one final touch, I reached for my silver jewelry and classic Dior clutch and was ready to dance my way into 2020. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to see what this next decade has in store for me as well as A Styled Mind. We are approaching the fifth year anniversary, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support and interest in my brand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Happy New Year!!! <3

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Jacket- Asos

Top- Zara

Dress- House of CB

Socks- Nike

Heels- Zara

When I think of NYE, most of the time an elaborate celebration featuring over the top outfits and partying until the early hours of the morning comes to mind. That said, there are multiple ways one could bring in the new year. For that reason, I decided to style a festive look that would be more appropriate for an at home celebration or something that is just overall more low-key. Coincidentally, when I stumbled upon this particular top, I was actually shopping for garments for my Christmas blog posts. I had also been invited to a holiday party that same weekend so I figured it would make for an easy option to throw on for that event as well. Though I was hesitant about whether I would actually wear it, by the time I got home and tried it on I was convinced! I loved that this metallic blouse wasn’t so obviously silver or gold, which gave me room to play around with the jewelry I decided to pair it with. Additionally, and probably my favorite thing about this piece; it’s reversible! Having the option to wear the plunging neckline in either the front or the back was definitely a bonus and made this purchase that much more worth it! For bottoms, I chose an old vinyl pair of trousers which in an interesting way, still highlighted the sparkle of my top and complimented it perfectly. While I had previously worn silver accents, for this shoot I decided to try gold jewelry and was pleasantly surprised with how everything came together. Since my hair was up, I sported my newest stud earrings and matching pendant as well as an assortment of gold rings. Lastly, for one final element of glitz, I chose to wear my gold-capped black pumps to seamlessly complete the look. Since we used a hotel setting for this photo shoot, my vision of a cozy NYE curled up on the couch surrounded by candles truly came to life! I’m still not quite sure what I’ll be doing this year, but at least I know if I stay in I can still look a bit festive. Comment below whether you’re more of a homebody or prefer to be out on the town for NYE. Until next time!

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Pants- Topshop

Heels- (Similar)

Earrings- Macys

Necklace- Macys

With only a few days until 2020, I wanted to round up a few pieces that could easily be added to existing garments in your current wardrobe to spice up any outfit for the night’s festivities. Though it may not be a hindrance, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always necessary to purchase an entirely new outfit for every event that occurs in life. Also, depending on your NYE plans, it may be as simple as adding a few accessories to elevate an already appropriate ensemble to something slightly more celebratory. Hopefully if you’re still unsure of what to wear or don’t have time to order something new, the items below can provide some inspiration! Don’t forget to click the below images for direct links and until next time!

It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday and though I truly enjoy engaging in the spirit of giving, there’s nothing like having a few goodies to unwrap yourself while singing classic songs among family and loved ones. Below I’ve rounded up a few of the items I received this year in hopes that they may spark inspiration for some post-Xmas gift ideas for those you may not have gotten a chance to see on or prior to the 25th. Don’t forget to click the images for direct links to my gifts and until next time!

My holiday attire series would not be complete without an appropriate ensemble for the office and/or all other work related functions. As a corporate girl, happy hour invites are a regular part of the culture and during the holiday season it is to be expected on an even larger scale. In the event the occasion calls for something other than an ugly Christmas sweater, I like to be prepared with something chic and subtly festive than can be reused at a later date. I actually saw this pistachio colored leather dress while shopping for an October island vacation, and though I wasn’t sure of what to do with it at the time, I knew I couldn’t just leave it sitting in my cart! As soon as I received it and tried it on, I could instantly tell it would be the perfect garment for any celebratory events; and when the opportunity arose, I was able to test it out first hand at the company party this year. To dress it up but still keep the frock as the focal piece, I used gold and black accents with pieces I already had in my wardrobe. My tights were actually from my 2018 NYE ensemble and the ankle booties, though slightly more casual, still helped to anchor the look in a seamless way with their metallic accents. To punch up the glam even more, I threw on my layered chain necklace and matching teardrop earrings with metallic flecks. Though I couldn’t pick an overall favorite, I truly loved the versatility that each outfit represented. In my opinion, it’s not about being the most obvious with your looks, but capturing the essence of the season in a sophisticated way. Comment below your favorite of the 3 options and if you would wear them to any other holiday parties/gatherings I did not mention. Until next time!

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Dress- Asos

Tights- Zara

Boots- Cole Haan

Necklace- & Other Stories

Earrings- & Other Stories

For the second look of my holiday series, I wanted to focus on attire that would be suitable for any semi-casual gathering with friends. This was an easy ensemble to pull together because it was basically composed of a few of my favorite pieces that I recently added to my wardrobe. I had been looking at these criss-cross jeans for about a month before a pulled the trigger and decided to purchase them; and although they were a bit pricey, I truly have no regrets! For me, the unique closure and boyfriend fit was enough to make me feel confident that I would get more than my cost per wear over the seasons to come. Another piece I have truly been obsessed with is this cream bustier blouse featuring a chic open back panel. In my opinion, these two garments together made for the most perfect street-style magic! That being said, I couldn’t just stop there; after all, it is the most festive time of year! To really get a true sense of the party season, I relied heavily on my accessories to pull this entire look together. For shoes, I pulled out my velvet cranberry colored booties and threw on a red lip to compliment them. Of course no holiday look would be complete without a bit of glitz, so I reached for my favorite chandelier earrings and newest chain-mail bag for an edgy flare. I was lucky enough to shoot this outfit on a day where it wasn’t absolutely freezing, and though it was the clearest of days in terms of sunshine, I was still getting all of the 90’s west coast vibes from this look. I personally don’t think I could ever live in a place that doesn’t get cold during this time of year; but I have to admit, Christmas shopping in a cropped top doesn’t sound all that bad, LOL! I loved this look because it represented exactly how I want to go into the new year; relaxed, cool, and effortless. Until next time!

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Top- Asos

Jeans- Agolde

Boots- Zara

Bag- Topshop

Earrings- Mango

When I first started planning my holiday outfits, the main thing I had in mind was versatility. This is probably one of the most social times of the year and with that comes tons of themed parties hosted by a multitude of individuals we encounter on a regular basis. That being said, a look for a night out on the town with the girls, may not be appropriate for the family Christmas party with grandma. Therefore, I ended up with a small series of festive garments that covered events with family, friends, and even coworkers. Stay tuned for the rest that are to come, but for now let’s focus on this cozy, yet chic ensemble perfect for any “relative hosted” gatherings. For this outfit, my plan of action was to start from the bottom up. I had been on the hunt for a pair of brown, croc embossed boots all season! Unfortunately, though they didn’t make it in time for Thanksgiving, I knew I still had to style them before the year was over. What ended up being tricky for me, was the overall color palette. Because I was already starting with such a warm-toned statement accessory, I needed to find a way to incorporate holiday feels into this look instead of just the usual autumnal shades. Just when I was beginning to feel defeated, I happened to stumble upon this sparkly frock featuring a knotted detail and bat-winged sleeves. To my surprise, this dress ended up being the perfect addition to the ensemble, despite the fact that its colors were not traditionally “holiday themed.” I loved that it featured a very feminine silhouette that complimented my boots yet was still festive thanks to the metallic effect of the fabric. In efforts to stay weather appropriate, I couldn’t resist layering a thin dark grey turtleneck underneath for added dimension and most importantly, warmth. To play off the shimmery accents, I chose gold as my metal of choice and added a belt to further cinch my waist as well as a matching ring handle bag. I was beyond pleased with how this look came together, and it definitely put me in the festive mod I felt like I had been missing up until this point. Comment below your favorite part about spending the holidays with family and until next time!

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Dress- Nordstrom

Turtleneck- Forever 21

Boots- Sam Edelman

Bag- Nordstrom

Belt- Mango