I had the pleasure of working with the iconic Macy’s brand on a campaign that featured several influencers, including myself, showcasing how we style the same items in our own personal way. I instantly loved the idea of this collaboration because it highlighted the diversity and versatility that stems from the over-saturated blogger community. The first focal piece was a gorgeous embroidered Bardot style top with intricate patterns on the sleeves and colorful stitching. In my opinion, this was the perfect Spring to Summer transition garment and I couldn’t wait to create a look around it. Because of the stunning details, I knew I wanted to keep the rest of the items simple yet eye-catching. Upon browsing the Macy’s website, I came across a pair of color-blocked jeans with raw hem detailing and knew they would make the perfect addition to this look. While I’ve seemed to lose count of the amount of denim in my wardrobe, I’m always looking to collect pieces that are unique yet complimentary to the items I currently own. Initially, I had a totally different shoe in mind to complete this ensemble however that plan was derailed once the color I wanted was out of stock. That said, everything worked out as I had ordered another pair of heels that in my opinion suited this look even better. These metallic, navy heeled sandals were the perfect option for complimenting the jewel tones as well as the silver accents on my top and I am so happy with how the look turned out! For a final touch, I threw on a pair of silver earrings and felt nothing short of confident and chic. I know for a fact I’ll be revisiting Macy’s a lot this year and can’t wait to reveal more looks from this campaign. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- INC International Concepts

Jeans- William Rast

Heels- Nine West 

Earrings- & Other Stories

Another day, another jumpsuit! I’m not sure how this obsession began but I honestly can’t see my love for these garments decreasing anytime soon. Aside from being an all-in-one outfit, jumpsuits come in a variety of styles that make getting dressed easy and effortless every single time. When I first came across this particular piece, I was slightly caught off guard. I knew I liked the item, but I wasn’t sure if the warm rust color and denim fabric made for the most Spring/Summer appropriate piece. That being said, I accepted the challenge and made it my own! The jumpsuit’s silhouette gave me a fun 70’s vibe that I didn’t know I would actually love until I tried the piece on. In addition to that, the overall-style straps also resembled 90’s fashion trends and made me that much more excited to see what I could create. Given the plunging neckline and  inconsistent temperatures, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be layering this piece with something; and after much debate, I figured a plain white t-shirt would be the perfect option. I knew I wanted to pair this bold piece with something that was simple, light, and breathable, without being too busy and taking away from the jumpsuit itself. (Sidebar: as the temperatures heat up, I think a cropped white tank would also be super cute under this jumpsuit!) To accessorize, I decided to go with a neutral toned belt bag with gold hardware and strappy tan sandals. Though fairly casual, I think this look can be worn in a variety of settings and still turn heads! To finish off the look, I added a statement pair of earrings to add a touch of unexpected glam. All in all, this look is absolutely one that I’ll be revisiting and reinventing as we get deeper into 2018. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

T-shirt- & Other Stories

Jumpsuit- Urban Outfitters

Heels- Macy’s 

Belt Bag- Macy’s

Earrings- Zara



White dresses have recently become increasingly popular and have slowly made their way onto the list of “wardrobe staples.” Especially during the warmer months, these frocks can easily be swapped in as an alternative for the LBD and worn in a variety of settings no matter how casual or formal. Below I’ve rounded up a few variations that I could definitely see myself styling around the city, in the upcoming months. Don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks; until next time!

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard of the acronym “LBD,” and I’m even more certain most of us ladies have at least one go-to in our closets. The little black dress serves as a classic wardrobe staple that always comes in handy when we are down to the wire and can think of nothing else (or better) to wear. I mean what’s not to love; the LBD is usually slimming, appropriate for most events, and easily paired with just about anything. That being said, I’d like to think of the LWD as its increasingly popular cousin that is slowly becoming a clothing essential of its own. Initially, I saw the little white dress included on styling guides mostly geared towards vacation and holidays. Recently however, that seems to have changed as there are so many variations of this frock on the market; it has become an easy alternative to the traditional LBD. Especially during the warmer months, there’s something so refreshing and minimal about this garment it’s no surprise that it has slowly taken over the closets of many. When I came across this tuxedo inspired version I was instantly sold! The tailored style accented with flowing pleats along the skirt really made this piece the perfect marriage of structure and movement. Because this dress also appeared more formal in my opinion, I decided to play against that and make it a bit more casual and fun. To do this, the first accessory I grabbed was a pair of bright red retro inspired cat-eye frames. While I’m not sure how well this pair in particular suits me, I loved how they popped against the overall stark ensemble. On the more monochrome front, I kept it very simple and plain with probably the most worn pair of white sneakers I own (sidebar: tell me your favorite style/brand of white sneakers in the comments below!). Lastly, to tie everything together, I opted to finish off the look with a multicolored striped crossbody bag; which I am absolutely certain I’ll be styling a lot during the Spring/Summer months. So tell me, are you a LBD or LWD type of girl? Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Zara

Sneakers- Converse

Sunglasses- Zara

Bag- Zara

Every now and then I think it’s important to jump outside of your comfort zone and embrace styles that you wouldn’t generally reach for. That being said, to do this successfully, I think one must still incorporate elements of the things they already like so as not to completely feel unlike themselves. For me, this came in the form of a patterned chambray set. As a current lover of co-ords, I was already naturally drawn to this ensemble. However the pattern and pairing of the crop top and wide-legged trousers created a much more bohemian style that I’m not used to wearing day to day. That aside, I was intrigued and willing to give it a try nonetheless. One of the first changes I made to cater this look to my own personal style was wearing the top backwards. While I have no problem with a plunging neckline, I just felt like the illusion of a higher neck and slightly exposed back created a chicer silhouette. I’m always slightly relieved when I come across pieces that are heavily printed because it means I can keep my accessorizing to a minimum. Fortunately this time, because I opted not to carry a bag or layer an outerwear piece, I was determined to find a statement piece of jewelry to add a bit more drama to the outfit. Luckily it didn’t me long to find a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings with the same exact blue that matched my clothing incorporated, as well as gold and wood accents which further emphasized the boho-chic vibe. Since the pants were so long and I knew my shoe would barely be visible, I kept it simple with a pair of minimal brown heeled sandals to tie everything together seamlessly. What I love most about fashion are the opportunities for versatility and risk; because without both of these things our lives and wardrobes would be nothing short of boring. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this look. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Co-ord Set- Free People

Heels- Urban Outfitters

Earrings- Zara 


The straw or wicker bag trend has become increasingly popular over the last few Spring and Summer seasons. There’s something about the neutural tones that always seems to incorporate a bohemian vibe to any ensemble it is paired with. Below I have rounded up a few variations of this popular accessory that have caught my eye lately. Let me know if you’re a fan of this trend in the comments and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks! Until next time!





Now that the temperatures have FINALLY begun to remain consistently warm and “Spring-like,” it’s only natural that thoughts of vacations and summer Fridays become more of a priority. As a person whose mood is greatly affected by the weather, I am definitely excited for the increase of sunshine and abundance of social events that these next few seasons bring. While browsing the shops for inspiration, I didn’t even plan on buying anything but of course ended up spotting a piece that I couldn’t resist! This blue and white striped blouse fit so perfectly, I was actually tempted to wear it out of the store (after paying for it obviously, lol). There was something about this piece that just made me want to book a weekend getaway and relax by a beautiful body of water. I also loved the trendy under-wire design that added a chic structure and uniqueness to the top; setting it apart from the average button-up. Since I felt like I had already found the main focal piece of the ensemble, the challenge now was to find complimentary items to complete it. At first, I thought about settling for a pair of jeans or a cream colored skirt to highlight the stripes, yet after trying both of those options I wasn’t quite satisfied. Since I liked the look of the mini skirt however, I thought that a black version would make for a  better contrast; and after trying it on I was instantly sold! Having a darker piece on the bottom really allowed the top to stand out while still adding balance to the overall look. In efforts to keep things streamlined and sleek, I chose to incorporate my new pair of black flatform sandals for casual touch. I also want to point out that these may be the most comfortable pair of shoes I own to date! Though I loved the look as is, I definitely wanted to add a few accessories to emphasize the Spring/Summer vibe I was going for. It took me quite awhile to jump on the straw bag trend because frankly, aside from being cute in photos, I couldn’t justify them as a practical investment. That being said, when I came across this round version and saw the intricate detailing, I figured it was finally time to get on board. Since I had the beach element down, I also decided to add a pair of black chandelier earrings for some unexpected sparkle. Lastly, on the day of my shoot, I completed the look with a pair of  geometric sunnies and I couldn’t have been happier! I’m a HUGE fan of how this look came together and know for a fact I’ll be wearing it again, as well as the pieces individually, for as long as the weather will allow. Let me know your favorite item from this look in the comments below. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- & Other Stories

Skirt- Urban Outfitters

Sandals- Cole Haan

Bag- Topshop

Sunglasses- Quay Australia

Earrings- Aldo

What’s one thing a t-shirt, jeans, a blazer, and white sneakers all have in common? Well aside from being articles of clothing, I think they also share the commonality of being wardrobe staples. In my opinion, both men and women should keep these 4 items in their closets at all times as they can easily be the foundation to any ensemble for most occasions. Check out the items I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m having trouble deciding on what to wear for the day, I like to go back to my most basic pieces and build from there. In this case, I opted for a classic pair of light wash denim jeans, and a white button up; something I’m pretty positive we all currently own. I also feel like this is one of the fool proof combinations perfect for entering the spring and summer seasons as it always looks refreshing and timeless. On my search to find pieces to complete this look, I honestly didn’t have much in mind but knew I wanted something vibrant and different. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon a multicolored beaded bralette with intricate embroidered details. Because this piece had so much going on, I figured it would it would be the perfect item to layer over my stark shirt to give the ensemble a bit more interest. Another plus to styling heavily embellished garments is that you can easily eliminate the hassle of finding accessories, as the focus will remain on that eye-catching piece. Though I opted to forgo a bag, I still wanted to complete the look with something that tied the ensemble together seamlessly. I suddenly remembered a pair of satin heeled sandals I had purchased last year that perfectly highlighted the bright tangerine hues in my top; and with that final touch, the look was complete! All in all, this look was pretty easy to pull together and it just goes to show why certain pieces have remained the foundation of a lot of our wardrobes (including myself). At the end of the day you can never go wrong with jeans and a top! So let me know in the comments below how often you incorporate these closet staples into your weekly looks! Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Top- H&M

Bralette- Zara

Jeans- Topshop

Heels- & Other Stories


Truthfully, though I am a person with a fairly limited sneaker collection, I can absolutely appreciate the effortlessly cool vibe they can bring to any ensemble no matter how formal. Whether with dresses, skirts, or even suits, I can honestly say I’ve become a fan of the juxtaposition they bring and plan to experiment with more trainers when styling my looks this year. Check out the pairs I’ve rounded up below and don’t forget to click the images to shop my picks. Until next time!