I was absolutely honored to have been selected by Coach to collaborate and feature a piece from their new Rexy holiday collection. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little skeptical about whether or not I could pull off one of these unique items, but I was determined to take on the challenge! Of the choices that were available, I decided to go with the black wristlet as it was the most versatile and in my opinion emphasized the contrast of the vibrant dinosaur the best. While I wanted to keep my new accessory as the focal point of the look, I made sure to style it with eye-catching garments that were minimal yet complimentary to the bag. Since the wristlet had a few bright colors already, I kept the rest of the look fairly neutral. However, I still managed to tie the ensemble together with my new navy pea-coat which beautifully highlighted the outline of the prehistoric creature. This piece is great because when worn, it instantly provides an element of playfulness and edge to any look. I chose to wear a light grey Victorian-style sweater dress to break up the darkness of the coat and boots. I absolutely loved the chic, vintage detail it added with the frilled accents on the neck and sleeves. Overall, I absolutely loved this look and am so happy that I was able to incorporate a piece from such a classic, luxury brand. Coach is currently celebrating their 75th anniversary, so make sure to check out their new capsule collection and grab one of these iconic pieces for yourself! Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Zara

Boots- Aldo

Coat- H&M

Wristlet- Coach




















  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    Coach couldn’t have asked a better person to represent them than you. You did an awesome job. I’m sure they’ll be sure to call you to represent them again.

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