The weather is finally warming up, so I decided to test the waters and show off a bit of skin with this look. While doing some online research, I was instantly drawn to this camel colored suit. However, though the belted jacket did in fact come with a pair of matching trousers, I thought it would be cute to style it as a frock; considering it seemed long enough to do so and I had been meaning to give this “blazer dress” trend a try. Honestly, the only thing that was of slight concern to me was the color. As much as I loved how rich and neutral it was, I wasn’t sure if it would wash me out against my skin tone. Luckily that was not the case, and I was more than pleased with everything about this tailored garment. From the cut, to the wide belt, and tiny button details; this piece looked sophisticated and chic in every way. In efforts to tone things down and keep the look a little less formal, I decided to throw on my sneakers and white tube socks for a cool, effortless contrast. As this look was so warm toned, I thought that gold accessories would be the perfect option to really highlight those sandy hues. I had recently purchased the most gorgeous pair of transparent teardrop earrings with gold accent flakes and knew they would bring a beautiful elegance to the overall look. As a final touch, I stumbled across a wooden cross-body bag, that truly felt like the last piece of this fashion puzzle. Though quite reminiscent of a coconut, the spherical shape and texture brought an unexpected bohemian element I didn’t even know I needed! Bags made of natural materials such as wood and straw are always quite popular during the warmer seasons, so I was happy to incorporate one into my look. I loved how this ensemble pulled together so many different style genres and portrayed how they can all coexist and compliment each other in a seamless way. Comment below your favorite piece from this look and how/if you would’ve styled anything differently. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Blazer- Zara

Bag- Zara

Socks- Nike

Sneakers- Nike

Earrings- & Other Stories


  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    This is a beautiful look! The accessories are great accents also to the look.

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