Without having done any research, I think it’s safe to assume that camel, burgundy, and khaki would be in the running for most popular Fall colors. For some reason during this time of year, it just seems like the richer and darker shades always go hand in hand with the “cozy vibes” we all seek. In the same vain, are you even doing the season justice if you’re not breaking out those coveted knit pieces? If I had to guess, my collection of knitwear is probably the the most prominent category in my wardrobe, and I just can’t seem to stop it from growing! I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to a few new brands this year and was graciously gifted a variety of items, including this midi dress from Heartloom. I could not be more impressed with the quality of the garments and knew I would enjoy styling them immediately! This frock initially stood out to me on the website due to the ribbed detailing. Unlike other similar dresses in this fabric, I loved the subtle detail of having the panels increase in size as they flowed down from the neck to the bottom hem. To no-one’s surprise, I’ve also been doing quite a bit of shopping myself. I recently purchased a shearling clutch that I had been waiting to style and accessorize with the perfect ensemble! Because it is a neutral piece, there were many things I could have worn it with but after pairing these new closet gems together, I knew they were a monochrome match made in heaven! In efforts to provide a slight juxtaposition, I grabbed my latest pair of chocolate knee high boots featuring croc-embossed texture, and a tortoise pair of cat eye frames which perfectly blended the light and dark hues. Though fairly simple, I really feel like this outfit packs a chic punch when it comes to the various textiles and contrasting elements. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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