I think because the outdoors and how we interact have been restricted for so long, the way we express ourselves has manifested in many new ways and naturally that has trickled into various fashion trends. While the Fall and Winter seasons are typically known for rather neutral dressing, there seems to be an increased push to continue incorporating brighter, more stand-out shades. As a person who usually grounds their outfits with some element of black, I knew this could be quite challenging if the contrast was too harsh. That being said, when I came across this particular cardigan I decided to give it a try. Though the color may be a bit “Barney-ish” for some (and I don’t necessarily disagree), the overall vibrancy coupled with the dark buttons really sold it for me and made this garment something I knew I could work with. As I began my styling process, I knew this piece would be the showstopper of the look and I didn’t want to risk clashing with any other hues. To keep things simple and casual, I opted for an ensemble that consisted of what I would call, “capsule closet essentials.” A black turtleneck is a must-have in any wardrobe, so I settled on a thin semi-sheer knit for a chic yet classic vibe. From there, while any pair of jeans (preferably light to mid wash) would work, I chose a slightly deconstructed pair featuring a jagged waistband and two-toned pocket accents for added interest. Lastly, I completed the outfit with accessories that matched my top and sweater details for a seamless finish. After applying a few gold pieces of jewelry which highlighted the minimal hardware on my bag, I was good to go! As I’ve stated before I love creating looks that appear plain, but have subtle unexpected qualities that will leave heads turning in whatever room you enter! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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