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In my opinion, the phrase “home for the holidays” will have a slightly different meaning this year considering most of us have been confined to our residences for the majority of 2020. That said, I am personally still doing everything I can to maintain a positive outlook and enjoy this cozy season as it truly is one of my favorites. While it is common knowledge that Adidas is an activewear brand, it may be surprising to some that they also sell loungewear garments perfect for those days that are full of R & R. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment but one of the first things that makes me think of home is comfort. Pre-quarantine, the thought of getting back to my apartment to unwind after a long day of running around the city was one of the things I looked forward to most. The second thing I highly anticipated, was changing out of my clothes for the day and into something much more relaxed. As a part of this year’s holiday collaboration, I was gifted a few items that were designed with those comfy feels in mind. This is probably the simplest outfit I’ve ever blogged, but it is a true representation of the items I wear around the house. While in my sanctuary, I am a huge fan of anything that grants me the ability to opt out of wearing pants, LOL! For that reason, I was thrilled when I came across this elongated sweatshirt that completely fit the bill. Aside from being super warm, it also has a massive front pocket ideal for storing snacks while lounging around. In efforts to still have some kind of outfit coordination, I decided to pair it with burgundy knee-high socks that subtly accentuated the logo on my top. After putting on this ensemble, I was instantly ready to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch as many holiday films as I could find! Head over to the Adidas website to check out all of the pieces from their loungewear collection, and comment below your favorite item to wear when resting at home. Until next time!

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Sweatshirt- Adidas

Socks- Adidas

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