There must be something in the water because I have officially entered my dress era! Now, while I do consider my style “feminine,” I don’t wear dresses as much as one would probably assume. As you may already know, I tend to gravitate towards denim, separates, and skirts when I want to feel slightly more girly. Though frocks are extremely easy to wear due to the fact that most of the look is centered around one piece, I do find that they can be restricting when it comes to styling. That being said, recently I’ve seen a lot of people experimenting with their dresses through various forms of layering, and I wholeheartedly believe that is what has captured my interest. Despite my wardrobe’s continuous evolution, there are certain aspects that I truly believe will always remain a constant. Even when it comes to color palette, typically if I’m going to opt for a more saturated ensemble, you will likely find me in shades of blue or Earth tones. So to no on’es surprise, this open back, maxi length stunner caught my eye and the outfit planning began! We’ve already discussed the ongoing “red” trend (which I’ve also been loving), so this was a great opportunity to highlight that and have a bit of fun with some crimson tones! Personally, I’m a firm believer that my looks are usually not complete without a pair of sunglasses, however I have been on the hunt for more smart/practical looking optical options as well! I already owned a pair of sunnies from this particular brand, so when I stumbled upon these cherry colored beauties featuring rhinestone embellishments, I knew they’d be perfect! My go-to minimal lace-up heeled sandals seemed like the best choice to ground the outfit, as to not clash or take away from the bold print I was working with. Silver jewelry was an obvious choice, but for one final unexpected element I grabbed a fiery bag to seamlessly tie everything together. We are definitely kicking off July strong with this look, and I can’t wait to hit the streets IRL! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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