As the Winter season lingers on it has become increasingly difficult to find outdoor locations to shoot where I don’t run the risk of being absolutely freezing. What makes this task even harder, is that I’m slowly introducing more Spring appropriate items and I’m running out of coats to style them with! After some serious contemplation, shooting underground seemed like the perfect loophole to avoid the harsh temperatures and peel back some of the layers that would otherwise completely cover my outfit. Lately, I’ve really been taking account of the basics that seemed to be missing from my wardrobe. For Christmas I purchased a black coat as a gift to myself, and just recently I ordered my first black blazer. I’ve been looking at this hourglass style for over a year, and finally decided to pull the trigger! What initially intrigued me about this piece was that it seemed to be the perfect balance of classic and modern. It’s no secret that blazers are a timeless outerwear staple, but the shape and structure truly make it a standout item regardless of what it is styled with. In the midst of refreshing my closet with some newness, I also bought a gorgeous blouse that I thought would make the perfect statement as we move into warmer temperatures. However, since we’re not quite there, I decided to pair this printed top with some wide-legged faux leather trousers. I absolutely loved this combination because I feel like the overall ensemble displayed complimentary, yet distinct, masculine and feminine elements. To complete the look and incorporate more colors from my shirt, I added a bright yellow satin mule to further accentuate the juxtaposition of dainty and more tailored garments. After reaching for a few pieces of gold jewelry and my aviator frames to accessorize, I was feeling like the ultimate girl boss! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Blazer- The Frankie Shop

Top- Ulla Johnson

Pants- Zara- similar

Heels- Sam Edelman

Sunglasses- Zara- similar


  1. Hey,

    I totally agree, as a new blogger/blogger I am freezing while shoot and continue to look for alternative. My dad told me last week don’t Freeze for Fashion lol.

    You look great

    Do you have a YouTube channel?

    • LOL! that definitely sounds like something my Dad would say as well! Thanks so much for the support! No, YT yet but maybe soon! 🙂

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