Lately I’ve been noticing a reoccurring trend of incorporating athletic wear with day to day street style looks. I am definitely a huge fan of this and personally think it makes dressing during the colder months much easier. I have always looked up to the women and men who remained effortlessly chic in the winter without drowning in layers of knits and heavy jackets. Unfortunately, I always seem to end up looking like the Michelin man when faced with those below freezing temperatures, LOL. This season however, I have been steadily growing the collection of hoodies in my wardrobe and whether I’m styling them as a dress with my thigh high boots or as just another top layer, they never seem to fail me in terms of being comfy, cool, & casual. We shot this look right after an unexpected snowfall and while I usually don’t mind not being dressed appropriately for the weather, I was adamant about being warm for this one. One of the other habits I tend to fall into during this time of year, like most people, is wearing all black or neutrals. My roommate was actually the one who brought this hoodie to my attention and I instantly knew it would be a great addition to my closet and this look. I definitely wanted to break up the black on my lower half with something a bit more eye-catching, and the rich wine color and velour texture of this piece did just that. I also wanted to showcase this amazing long-line denim coat I purchased months ago. In my history of rocking denim jackets, I have never once owned anything like this– I mean, the fur trim and shearling lining alone screamed “must-have” for me! With so many bold elements on the top I didn’t mind keeping the rest of the look dark. In terms of footwear, I chose to grab one of my Christmas gifts and might I add that these heeled booties fit like dream, no break-in required. So that about sums it up for this one! I’d love to hear your opinions about mixing athletic wear with more formal pieces in the comments below, until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: 

Hoodie- Adidas

Jeans- All Saints

Coat- Zara

Shoes- Cole Haan














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  1. Great style . No reason not to dress up winter. Beautiful pictures.

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