As a girl who’s never really been a sneaker wearer, it’s interesting to me that as of late, they’ve been capturing my attention in a new way. While I don’t see myself jumping on the bandwagon entirely, I definitely see my collection growing and a new personal excitement developing with it. That being said, before I got too carried away, I wanted to make sure that my closet was equipped with the classic “staples”– and for me, that was everything either black or white. Because of my love for contrast, I typically don’t shy away from what some would consider “odd pairings,” and this look was no different. Dresses (and skirts) styled with sneakers, for me,  are just one of those classic combinations that I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing. The juxtaposition of femininity against more casual and edgy pieces has always intrigued me and also served as a lane that I’ve always felt comfortable in. I actually bought these kicks as a Christmas gift to myself and knew that they would quickly make their way to my blog; I just didn’t know when, or with what look. After doing some post-holiday sale shopping, I stumbled across a tomato colored satin dress with buttons down the front. Initially I picked it up and thought about leaving it in the store, but for some reason I kept going back to it and eventually decided to make the purchase. Because of the white and black design on the snaps of the frock I knew immediately that it would coordinate well with my sneakers, but the look still felt incomplete and not necessarily reflective of the Winter season. After a bit more deliberation and what I thought were successful shopping trips, I ended up just finishing off the look with items from my own wardrobe. I had been on the hunt for red and plaid scarf that slightly resembled wrapping paper since the temperatures started to drop in 2018, and because I’ve been wearing it almost every day since, it seemed like the perfect accessory to convey the cozy vibes I was looking for. I didn’t end up loving the initial outerwear garment that I had bought for this ensemble, but to my surprise I dug up an old college biker jacket that meshed perfectly! It’s always funny to me that the looks I have the least faith in, always seem to come together seamlessly despite my mini panic attacks in the moment. Comment below your favorite choice of footwear and your go-to way to style it. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Mango

Jacket- Members Only

Scarf- Zara

Socks- Nike

Sneakers- Nike



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