Over the years, as my knowledge and experience in the fashion/influencer space has grown, so have my viewpoints. For instance, despite what has been portrayed in the past, an ensemble can be both casual and chic. Although this may be obvious to some, displaying your personal style as a job can come with tons of pressure and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of only showcasing the most intricate of looks. In my opinion, one of the easiest tricks for elevating a more casual outfit would have to be sticking to a monochrome color palette. Regarding this particular look, I had no specific direction when it came to my initial styling, so relying on this tip definitely helped me pull everything together. During my browsing, I came across these straight-legged jeans and instantly realized that I had nearly let an entire decade pass without owning a grey pair! After deciding these would serve as my base, I began to search for items to pair them with. At first, I began reaching for more colorful garments to offset the darkness of the trousers; but to no avail, I opted for an embellished sweater in a similar shade. Another fashion hack I’ve grown to love and appreciate is incorporating a variety of textures. I was quite a fan of the rigid denim against the soft texture of the mohair top, as well as the eye-catching sparkle of the rhinestones. To complete the outfit, I kept it simple with a square-toed pair of black booties and 90’s inspired frosted frames. Though there still seems to be a huge emphasis on accessories, I’d like to get back to relying on the clothes themselves as the focal point of my looks in 2020. There’s nothing like having quality and timeless pieces that can be recycled for years to come and I intend to keep my wardrobe full of them. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Sweater – & Other Stories

Jeans- & Other Stories

Boots- Zara

Glasses- Asos

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