Now THIS is an “all-star fit” if I’ve ever seen one! To me, that classifies any ensemble where every single item is a standout showstopper. Typically I choose one focal piece and continue building the look around it, but this particular day I just couldn’t hold back! As I’ve stated previously, I was quite inspired by the runways I saw in person and digitally around the world during February’s fashion month and thus, a lot of shopping came from it! I’ve also always said that while red is a color that I love, it’s not one that I tend to wear often; but to my surprise, it’s been finding it’s way into my wardrobe more and more. I saw this bold knit on another fashion blogger and knew that if it was within reach (and budget) I had to make it mine. Coincidentally at this time, Farfetch was having an incredible sale so I was able to get this top as well as a few other garments for a reasonably discounted price. Though I was a bit unsure of the overall fit, I was pleasantly surprised once I received it and happy it had lived up to my expectations. As far as the jeans go, I had been contemplating these for over a month, questioning whether they were “too trendy” or just “too much.” That said, after much debate and consultation with friends, I finally took the plunge and proceeded to check out my cart. This pairing turned out to be absolute perfection as the synergy between the rounded cutouts on both pieces really helped to create a seamless coordination without either item competing. Because I already had so much going on in terms of eye-catching details, I knew that I would keep my accessories tame but of course, still fun. To ground the look in the chicest way, I opted for my black puffy heeled sandals which somehow also mimicked the spherical trend I had going throughout the outfit. Simply, I tied everything together with a black bag and sunnies accompanied by silver jewelry pieces to match the hardware and highlight the rhinestones that adorned my denim. This styling is definitely not one for the meek, but if you’re feeling daring and would like to recreate it using any (or all) of the items shown, feel free to use my code: FFASHLEY15 for 15% off valid through 4/21 on Until next time!

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