This look is easily in my top 5 blog posts of all time. Why, you may ask– because it came together so unexpectedly and ended up being the most perfect combination! I purchased this top on a separate occasion from the bottom two pieces and was hesitant at first to even leave the store with it. The deconstructed button down shirt is a wildly popular and trendy piece; and while I am a huge fan, I’ve been trying to train myself towards only investing in pieces that I know I will get longevity out of. That being said, I obviously don’t have much self-control because it didn’t take much convincing for me to realize that I “needed” this item. After getting the piece home I immediately started brainstorming outfit ideas and was leaning towards pairing it with what I thought would be the most effortless option…DENIM. For some reason though, I ended up putting the idea aside and continued planning other looks. During another shopping trip a few weeks later, I ended up scoring this amazing mini skirt, heels, and a few other gems. At this point, I’ve honestly lost count of how many minis I actually own but being on the shorter side, I figured I could never have too many (lol). Also, for more seasonal purposes, I thought the khaki fabric made this particular skirt a great transitional piece as we are moving into the Fall. Believe it or not, I was on the hunt for a bag when I came across these gorgeous heels and it only took me about 20 seconds to spot them, try them on, and realize they were on sale before making my purchase and being happily on my way. To be completely honest, I had 3 separate outfits planned for each of these pieces up until the night before my shoot. It was only when I began modeling my new items for my roommate (it’s our ritual, don’t judge lol) that I got the idea to try everything on together and she and I both confirmed that it was “the one.” In life, outside of just fashion and blogging, it always seems like the best outcomes are products of unplanned situations. For me, this was yet another example of why I need to learn to just let go sometimes and stop overthinking everything…however, I am still a work in progress, lol. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Topshop

Skirt- Zara

Heels- Aldo

Sunglasses- Celine


  1. Cheryl Kent Reply

    This look is fascinating! Love the look and the outfit goes so well with the scenery! Everything looks like a well planned out shoot and it worked perfectly.

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