If I’m thinking optimistically, it might be safe to say that this will be my last Winter styling post until later in the year. This season has been a pretty brutal one weather wise, and while it was quite beautiful to see, I think I can wait until the end of 2021 before witnessing another snowflake fall. I’ve noticed a lot of brands coming out with Spring and even Summer items; and though it feels a bit too soon to purchase, it won’t be long before those seasons are directly upon us. I saw this neutral tube dress and initially looked at it as completely unwearable at the present moment. That said, I still listened to my gut and decided to buy it anyway. Understandably, it may have made the most sense to just wait to style it, but I couldn’t help myself! Instantly I began brainstorming different ways to make this piece more weather appropriate and layering was probably the most obvious solution. Because the frock was already a knit material, I didn’t want to pair another sweater-like garment underneath. As if the timing could not have been any better, I remembered that I was recently sent a pinstriped shirt which became the perfect complimentary piece. I decided to really lean into this preppy style by fastening all of the buttons for a more classic and modest vibe. Though we still have a few more weeks left of cold, I’m officially ready to embrace the lighter colors in my closet so I chose not to weigh down the outfit with black shoes. Instead, I reached for a pair of cream-colored ankle booties, which seemed to elevate everything quite nicely. For added warmth, I threw on an old longline denim jacket which I surprisingly still get compliments on every time I pull it out of my wardrobe. As far as accessories go, I opted for an opalescent pair of sunglasses and chandelier earrings featuring pearl accents which really tied the two together seamlessly. Lastly, I grabbed a navy bag for a slight contrast and my ensemble was complete! I loved how this look turned out and was happy to challenge myself by creating a cold-weather outfit that didn’t feel weighed down by an abundance of dark shades. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Shirt- Hunky Dory

Dress- Zara

Boots- Looks Like Summer

Bag- Jeff Wan

Sunglasses- Dezi

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