When it comes to shopping, there’s nothing like finding a retailer that provides a “one-stop-shop” experience. From clothing, to accessories, and even health & beauty items, nothing makes me happier than having a seamless shopping experience; and that’s exactly what Revolve provides. I’ve been a consistent customer for awhile now, but things have definitely picked up over the last few years. I love that I can easily shop my favorite brands, while simultaneously being introduced to new ones along the way. They also do a great job of stocking items from a wide price point range. Whether opting for something inexpensive or splurging on a luxury good, this platform has mastered catering to a variety of fashion lovers regardless of their budget!

I was generously given the opportunity to select a few things from the website, which was perfect timing as we’re about to enter fashion month. Not going to lie, I was a bit intimidated by the amount of options I had to choose from. However, after some thorough digging and analyzing the voids in my wardrobe, I slowly but surely narrowed it down to my top picks. One of the pieces that were an instant standout, was this denim maxi skirt. Talk about serving THE DRAMA! This garment was bold, chic, and edgy all in one. I have to say though, upon looking at it and seeing how high the slit was, I was a little concerned about whether it would be “too much” for me; but that didn’t stop me from giving it a try! Upon receiving it, I definitely had to play around with the styling to see what made me the most comfortable, especially since I’m typically not a low-rise kind of girl. That said, I quickly became at ease and completely fell in love! As far as tops go, despite initially trying it on with a black option, I knew that I was pairing the matching shoe with another look and since Summer isn’t quite over yet, I didn’t mind going for a lighter color. Instead of using this as an opportunity to style it with something more toned down, I did the exact opposite and in true maximalist fashion, chose another eye-catching number that I had yet to debut. While this unique construction may be risque to some, in my opinion, it truly embodies the artistic design elements that make fashion so intriguing.

When it came to footwear, my white mules were the obvious choice (another Revolve find). For a minute I was slightly unsure about the bag, but eventually decided on an understated navy option with neon piping. Lastly, I played off of the hardware to tie in my gold jewelry and threw on some cat eye frames as a final touch! This ensemble is definitely in the running for my favorite of 2022 and I cannot wait to showcase these items in a variety of ways. Don’t forget to check out the carousel featuring my Revolve clothing favorites, as well as statement heels located at the bottom of this post! Happy shopping and leave a comment if you also own, or plan to purchase any of my recommendations. Until next time!

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  1. Love how this blog breaks down the latest trends with practical styling tips! It’s like having a personal stylist at your fingertips.”

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