Accessories, or “outfit enhancers” were never a focal point for me or what I had ever considered a top priority when it came to styling my looks. I think because I’m such a creature of habit, for a long time having neutral shoes, bags, and essentially wearing the same jewelry daily was enough for me and I let the ensemble itself be the statement. That being said, over the last few years my perspective has definitely changed and I’ve grown to see their importance as well as find enjoyment in expanding my personal collection. Let’s start from the top, shall we?! I saw this necklace on one of my favorite fashion content creators and from that moment on, it never left my brain. The two-toned metals, chunky construction, and overall boldness constantly replayed in my head to the point where I had to at least do some research and see if it was a feasible investment. To no surprise, it was not a cheap accessory but it also wasn’t completely out of reach either. After a bit more digging, I found an online boutique that had it in stock at a pretty significant discount and saw that as a sign to pull the trigger! While I knew this piece could literally go with just about anything, whether toned down or for a more formal occasion, I still wanted to wait until I found something that really peaked my interest before showcasing it. When given the opportunity to partner with one of my favorite retailers, I stumbled upon this olive mini dress and though I didn’t get it right in that moment, the color and plunging neckline alone was enough to make me add it to my wish list. It didn’t take long before I went back for the frock and just as expected, my vision was nearly complete! From that brand collaboration also came these incredible shoes and yes, they’re wedges! Though I am a “heel girl,” this particular style is one that I was convinced I would NEVER revisit. However, as soon as I laid my eyes on these architectural beauties, I was sold and knew I needed these works of art in my wardrobe! To complete the look and tie everything together, I decided to add some texture with what is easily becoming one of my most worn bags. Lastly, I threw on some classic black rectangular frames and a red lip for an extra pop of color! I was beyond pleased with how this outfit came together and am looking forward to playing around with a lot more eye-catching accessories as we head into the Fall season. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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