I recently read quote that said, “a major part of manifesting is believing you’re worthy of what you’re asking for.” This resonated with me not only because I found it to be true, but because not many people talk about the mental gymnastics that are required to chase your dreams and build the life you deserve. Forget outside influence and the negativity of others who may cast doubt. Usually, it’s the inner voice that we all have at times that can be our own worst critic and deterrent in moving forward, past the fear and discomfort, that ultimately holds us back. It’s very easy to fall into this cycle of thinking especially when you see firsthand the amount of effort that goes into your passions, and it seems like you’re barely moving the needle. I personally struggle with this often, but I refuse to believe that all of this was fror nothing and choose to trust the timing of my journey no matter how frustrating it can be. We got this!

On a lighter note, I received this suit during the holidays and unfortunately did not have an opportunity to style it. Despite taking a break from fashion week this season, I still wanted to get out into the city streets and shoot some looks that I would’ve potentially worn had I attended. To no surprise, I was instantly drawn to the rich crushed velvet texture of this set. Everything about it looked so lush, and the added comfort and ease was simply a bonus! A close friend of mine recently said, “co-ords are the best fashion hack” and I couldn’t have agreed more! With both pieces, 85% of the ensemble was nearly complete so all that was left to do was add my personal flare and make it ASM approved! I knew that black would be my contrasting color based on the shadows that flowed throughout the pattern of the textile. I then chose to layer with a sheer ribbed turtleneck for a bit of juxtaposition against the heavier fabric, and ground the outfit with a sleek heeled bootie. For accessories, my go-to classic cat-eye sunnies were the obvious choice as they somewhat mirrored the geometric shape of my earrings. Lastly, I decided to stick with the angular accents by incorporating a croc-embossed bag that also featured silver hardware, effortlessly complimenting the rest of my jewelry. I loved the strength and power that this look emanated and I couldn’t be happier with the images that were captured. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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