Knitwear, leather, suede, tulle. There’s nothing I enjoy more than adding interest to an ensemble with a variety of textures. Especially when it comes to monochrome looks that don’t have much color differentiation, this is always one of my go-to methods when I want to highlight those eye-catching details. I tried my best to batch as much content as possible so that I could enjoy my time off during the holidays; and when it came to planning my outfits, this sheer skirt was one of the pieces I knew I had to create a moment with! Every now and then I like to take a “fashion risk,” and I knew when I selected this item it would be a bit challenging to style. That said, after having it in my possession for a few weeks, the ideas started to flow and the vison began to form. After doing a deep dive into my existing wardrobe, I stumbled upon this knit bodysuit that I don’t get nearly enough wear out of! Because of the see-through material, comfort was my main priority so opting for something with a full-coverage bottom definitely put me at ease. To take it a step further, I also layered a pair of tights for extra security and a more weather appropriate base. I was surprised to love how everything was coming together, but the look was far from complete. I wanted to add an element of edge so I threw on my favorite oversized distressed leather jacket which coordinated perfectly with the cool tones I was working with. When it came to accessories, “understated glam” was the vibe I was after. Despite incorporating platform heeled sandals, earrings, and a bag featuring rhinestones, I thought they all worked together seamlessly to bring a subtle, less obvious touch of sparkle. Lastly, for a pop of color, I went with a classic red lip and my black everyday sunnies! Personally, I always love when I have the opportunity to really test myself and my skills by styling garments outside of my usual realm. Cheers to taking more chances in 2024 and pushing ourselves to grow through the discomfort! Until next time!

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