Purpose. I chose to take a break from NYFW this season for a number of reasons but mainly to gain clarity on my “Why.” I’ve been going consistently since 2015, and as exciting and glamorous as it may seem, it requires a lot of time, money, and energy that can easily leave you feeling drained and burnt out. I feel like I got to this point last year after coming back from Paris in October, and it took me a lot longer than expected to stabilize and get back into the swing of things. For the first time I really had to take a step back and assess if attending fashion week was beneficial to my long term goals, or if it was just something I was doing out of habit and the need to feel “included.” Despite the anticipated FOMO, I also wanted to challenge myself to see what else I could create to expand & differentiate my content if fashion week wasn’t in the mix. That said, I am happy to report that I made the most of my time off and even developed a few new series that I’ve really been enjoying! I say all this to say, sometimes a pause and reset is necessary to remember why you started in the first place & to ensure you remain on track instead of just going through the motions.

Let’s not get crazy though, just because I wasn’t attending doesn’t mean I didn’t plan on shooting some incredible looks! I’ve always approached these seasons as an opportunity to showcase my style but in the most amplified way. For this particular ensemble, I chose to take a maximalist approach to an otherwise fairly monochrome look. I started with this oxblood patent midi skirt, which I actually bought during my first trip to Paris in 2022, and paired it with a leopard print bodysuit. Because we are still in the midst of Winter, I thought adding this patchwork shearling coat in similar tones would be both eye-catching and functional for the occasion. Though I could’ve grounded the outfit with black accessories, I chose to lean into the warm palette by throwing on a pair of brown croc-embossed boots, and a berry-colored bag. What I loved most about how everything came together, is that each piece shined without competing with the others. Can we also have a moment for the textures?! I honestly have no words, except that this quite possibly might make it to my list of top 2024 outfits…but only time will tell! Comment below your favorite featured item(s) and until next time!

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