The older I get, the more I realize the importance of capitalizing on opportunities when they are presented to you. As the years pass by, time only seems to be moving faster and there’s no guarantee how or when the next moment for progression will present itself. This way of thinking can be applied to a number of scenarios, but on this particular day it was as simple as the weather. Because we’ve FINALLY begun to get some glimpses of Spring, I’ve been planning my shoots accordingly while doing my best to take advantage of the warmer, rain-free days. To be honest I still felt a little unsure about whether or not it was “too early” to shoot such a look, but the perfectly coordinating location told me otherwise! Personally I’m still heavily into the metallic trend, specifically as it relates to chunky hardware, so as soon as I saw this maxi skirt I knew it would be a joy to style. I’m also at a point in my wardrobe where I’ve built up enough of a collection where I rarely have trouble figuring out which pieces to pair with my new items. Without hesitation, I knew this pastel marble top would be the perfect addition to the ensemble and from there it was all about pulling in the right accessories. Surprisingly (or not), I chose to use a mixture of metals to accentuate each layer of the outfit. Since the bold buckle was such a major focal point, I threw on my favorite silver closed-toe heels and jewelry to match. That said, there were also white and neutral tones in my top which I wanted to highlight using my bag as well as my sunnies, featuring arms that seamlessly mirrored the mineral-like design. I think I’m officially ready to put my coats away and turnover my closet to the next season, are you?!! Comment below you favorite showcased item and until next time!

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