Seasons. The subtle reminder of the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another. Ironically, the mirroring of nature and life can be funny at times, disheartening, yet also quite beautiful. As we come to the end of Q1 and the city slowly becomes more alive, I am welcoming these changes while finding the lessons in the inevitable reset. While that may come off a bit bleak, I am honestly quite content. As a person who suffers from self-diagnosed seasonal depression, nothing has made me happier than a few consistent days of sunshine, blue skies, and the ability to leave my heavier pieces at home. If you follow me on IG (you should, lol), I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my latest “5 essentials” series. This has allowed me the opportunity to 1. shop my own closet, and 2. figure out the items that may be missing if I had to start over with a minimal, capsule wardrobe. So far I’ve done coats, jackets, and skirts, with many more ideas to come! While I do have quite the collection of outerwear, there was one fabric I noticed that was missing; tweed. I also tend to gravitate towards Earth tones, so when I saw this stunning cropped jacket with shoulder pads and silver antique-looking buttons, I knew I had to have it! This garment would obviously be the focal point of my ensemble and because of it’s slightly “mature” presence, I was immediately inclined to add some juxtaposition by pairing it with casual, streamlined items. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on this particular day, so a ribbed cut-out tank and jeans seemed like the perfect fit! BREAKING NEWS: I recently bought 2 new pairs of flats! If you’ve been following any of the recent trend reports, it’s no secret that ballet flats have been having a HUGE moment; and while I’m naturally a heels girly, I couldn’t resist trying out a few styles that I thought would be cute to incorporate during the warmer months ahead. I was able to tie in the rhinestone details with my jewelry and geometric sunnies, and as a wildcard, opted for a croc-embossed grey bag for an extra element of interest. I absolutely loved how this look came together and I look forward to seeing how my fashion expression evolves within this new era. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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