In my humble opinion, there isn’t nearly enough discussion about the struggles of transitional dressing. There truly is an art to planning a perfectly balanced ensemble that will not have you, at some point throughout the day, freezing or profusely sweating. Even when I feel like I have my styling formula down to a science, the inconsistent/abrupt change in seasons can still very easily throw me off my game. I think it’s also important to note that everyone is different and how our bodies regulate temperature varies as well. Me personally, as long as my upper half is covered, I will remain fairly warm. Knowing this, especially as we migrate further into Spring, I try to keep it top of mind when it comes to getting dressed. I didn’t think I’d still be gravitating towards outerwear at this point in the year but some pieces are just non-negotiable. We’ll dive deeper into the “balloon” trend in another post, but I’m definitely noticing an increase in interest for more voluminous garments. Whether it be bomber jackets, barrel jeans, or bubble hemmed dresses & skirts, we are not being stingy with the fabrics in 2024! Additionally, the majority of my coats are long, so investing in more cropped styles has ultimately filled a void in my wardrobe. For this particular piece, aside from the gorgeous forest green hue, I was obsessed with the fit as well as the bold shape it adds to any outfit I pair it with. Because it’s such a standout, I chose to keep my base layer simple and streamlined with a “not-so-basic” black tank, which gives the illusion of invisible straps, and my light wash distressed “jorts.” I’d have to say, creating looks that provide intrigue in a subtle way is absolutely my specialty. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the instant recognition I occasionally receive, but I can honestly appreciate when someone has to stop and do a double take to really notice the details, time, & effort I spent crafting a stylish experience. As a bit of a wildcard, I threw on my knee-high snake print boots and a pair of sunnies that seamlessly coordinated featuring a cream-colored frame and tinted green lens. Last but not least, I grabbed one of my staple top-handle bags for some added texture and was beyond satisfied with how my vision came together! This is a perfect example of taking into account all of the environmental factors while still executing a look in a way that allows for comfort, personal expression through fashion, and seasonal-appropriateness. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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