Does the perfect suit really exist? Though my style has continued to evolve, my love of co-ords and matching sets has remained a constant. That said, with the ever-changing trends, cuts, and silhouettes, it seems like somewhat of a gamble to invest in tailored pieces that may be “out” in the next 3-5 years; but we move! From the moment I saw this plaid mini skirt and hourglass blazer, I honestly tried to ignore it entirely. Don’t get me wrong, it was right up my alley, but I just felt like perhaps I could live without it. After months of seeing it sell out and restock, I finally decided to just pull the trigger and purchase; after all, I could always return it and pretend the incident never occurred. However, once receiving the package and hesitantly unboxing, I knew I was in trouble. I was instantly transported to the 90’s, truly feeling my “girl-boss living single” fantasy and no one could tell me any different! From the overall quality to the fit, these items definitely deserved a place in my wardrobe and I could not be made to feel guilty about it. Accessorizing was a no-brainer as I had the perfect black pieces to highlight and accentuate the contrasting buttons. I’ve fully embraced my ballet-flat era, and I knew these mesh beauties would be the best shoe to add a bit of softness, texture, and intrigue to the look. I also wanted to play into the corporate, office-wear aesthetic so I figured this structured statement tote could really help ground the outfit while conveying the story I was attempting to tell. As a final touch I threw on my go-to minimal oval sunnies, silver jewelry, and was ready to assert my dominance as 51% owner of this company to the board of directors (comment below if you know the reference)! All in all, I could not be more pleased with my decision to buy this suit, and definitely look forward to wearing this ensemble again. Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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