Pumpkin spice season is officially among us and I’m ready to dive in! I must say, my Fall wardrobe has me beyond excited to create tons of new content and finally enjoy the cooler temperatures (in the most stylish way possible of course)! Additionally, what I love most about some of my latest autumnal closet additions is that I really took advantage of the sales. Believe it or not, so many items were already discounted during the summer from last year, and I did not hesitate to score some absolute gems (that are still full-priced on certain websites, might I add). I’ve been waiting to finally pull this knit set out for months now and as my first blog post of the season, it could not have been a more ideal introduction! The rich, warm color of the garments accented with the perfect amount of tortoise shell buttons had me sold from the very beginning. Also, in terms of versatility, the styling options with this co-ord are endless and I definitely plan to experiment with them all! This look came together seamlessly and simultaneously allowed for a chance to showcase a few more accessories I’ve been obsessed with! To be honest, I was totally gutted when the heel broke on my chocolate croc boots from last year. That said, it allowed me to make room for a new pair that I love even more with impeccable quality! Lastly, I continued to play off of the tortoise accents with my current favorite sunnies, and a top handle box bag which I’ve had for YEARS that never seems to get old! A few pieces of gold jewelry to tie everything together and the outfit was complete! I could not be more thrilled for the crisp air, hot drinks, statement coats, and holiday activities that are quickly approaching! Comment below your favorite thing about Fall and until next time!

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