Quality over quantity; ALWAYS. As I’ve begun tailoring my wardrobe to more contemporary styles, this statement rings true more than ever! While I would previously focus on and shop for pieces that peaked my interest in the current moment, I now make it a point to only purchase items that I absolutely love and most importantly ones that will last. In preparation for a store’s grand opening, I was kindly granted the opportunity to select a look from the brand to keep and wear for the celebratory evening. Without even looking at the price tags, I was quickly drawn to this leather co-ord in the most gorgeous caramel shade. The supple texture and intricate stitching had me sold from the beginning, but the seamless fit was easily the icing on the cake! I loved the chic yet modern vibe that these garments displayed and I felt comfortable knowing that they resonated so well with my personal style. Since my ensemble was already nearly complete, it was really just a matter of deciding what my contrasting color would be. Though I initially pulled a cream colored tank to tie everything together during my fitting, I ultimately chose to go with all black, mainly to showcase a new closet addition I’m currently obsessed with. I had been on the hunt for this short-sleeved turtleneck for months and had placed at least 3-5 orders which to my disappointment were all canceled due to inventory issues. Finally however, after much continued persistance, I was able to secure the piece that had literally been haunting me for far too long. For accessories I went with a few of my classic most-worn favorites including heeled sandals, sunnies, and a cross-body bag featuring gold hardware that I opted to carry as a top handle. I finished the outfit with simple jewelry and was left feeling like a complete boss! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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