We made it friends! Another year down, and I couldn’t be happier with how far we’ve come. Despite the uncertainties, setbacks, and struggles along the way, there was also a tremendous amount of growth, reflection, and lessons learned. I am beyond excited to step into 2022 with the same goals, but a slightly updated perspective. I am challenging myself to recognize and appreciate every win no matter how small, while continuing to create content that I am proud of. I decided to close out this chapter with a more understated New Year’s Eve ensemble. Unfortunately, the majority of us are still limiting contact with large groups and though the celebrations will continue, there will be quite a few modifications in place. Personally, I’m planning to stay home which is why I thought this was a fitting outfit for my casual festivities. Though I experimented with quite a few bold colors over the last 12 months, a monochrome black look will always have a permanent place in my heart. During a last minute shopping run, I was able to find this sparkly tube top and a satin midi skirt, which to my surprise, I didn’t already have in my wardrobe. Though purchasing new items is essentially a part of my job, I will always encourage recycling the pieces in your closet to fully get your cost per wear as well as increase sustainability. That being said, I completed the look with some of my favorite staples that I’ve shown on several occasions. Aside from the oversized blazer which I’ve only had for a few months, all of my accessories are oldies but goodies! My chandelier earrings, chain mail bag, and rhinestone heeled sandals have yet to let me down or clash with my ever-evolving style. Lastly, for added holiday drama, I grabbed a pair of minimal sunnies and threw on a bold red lip. Effortlessly chic is exactly how I want to move on from 2021 and I’d have to say, I think I succeeded! Comment below your favorite featured item and I’ll see you in the new year!

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