Kicking off the year with an easy yet effective ensemble! In my opinion, having a good sense of fashion isn’t only about being knowledgeable of the history and picking the right clothing, but having the foresight to see how you can repurpose it in a variety of ways to create more than one look. On this particular shopping trip, I was honestly having trouble selecting pieces that I actually loved. So after picking up and putting down a few garments, I made one final lap around the store and immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw this cardigan; which I somehow managed to overlook more than once. Initially it struck me as a somewhat vintage-inspired item that didn’t really mesh well with my personal style. That said, after some quick thinking, a multitude of ideas began to flood my mind. While I am a fan of the over-sized trend, I do think that at times in can become hard to decipher what looks intentional versus just too big. In this case however, it worked to my advantage because I chose to size up and wear this long-line knit as a dress. Being that the “frock” was now the focal point of my outfit, I knew it wouldn’t take much effort to find other complimentary pieces. To truly emphasize the cream shade and further highlight the stark contrast, I layered a thin black turtleneck underneath and grabbed my favorite thigh high leather boots. My accessories were also a no-brainer, considering I really wanted to compliment the gold button detailing. Thus, I incorporated matching jewelry and a bag that featured similar metallic hardware. As a final touch, I threw on some large aviator sunnies and a bold red lip which gave a nod to the more classic elements. Since we are in the midst of Winter, of course this outfit can also be paired with tights as well as an overcoat and/or scarf for added warmth! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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