This is probably the first Winter season that I have made a conscious effort not to allow the freezing temperatures and gloomy days to affect my mood and as a result, my wardrobe. Now don’t get me wrong, I thrive when it comes to styling black and/or neutral pieces. However, this year, I wanted to challenge myself to allow some bolder colors to have their moment to shine; who said we had to wait for Spring anyway??? To my surprise, many retailers appear to be on the same wavelength as I’ve been seeing TONS of bright hues flooding the shelves and websites lately. Personally, I love seeing the juxtaposition of highly saturated garments in cold-weather fabrics. It’s just something about it that makes dressing for slightly unfavorable weather conditions that much more exciting! During this particular online shopping session, I was instantly drawn to the most gorgeous lilac knitted vest and vibrant fuchsia trousers. While to some, this pairing could be a bit much, for me it was the perfect combination. Because the top was more on the pastel side, it didn’t compete with the vividness of the pants and instead allowed them to be the focal point of the ensemble. I really didn’t want to weigh the look down, so I knew there would be no room for darker shades. Instead, I chose to lean on beige and cream tones to seamlessly tie everything together. Another thing I love about working with lighter colors during the colder months is that you get the opportunity so see all of the intricate details within the textures. To incorporate that cozy essence, I opted for a cropped shearling jacket and completed the outfit with a more rugged croc-embossed boot for a slight contrast. Lastly, I accessorized with a pair of pearlescent chandelier earrings and tan oversized sunnies. In my opinion, this look couldn’t have turned out better and it’s one I definitely plan to recreate very soon! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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