Two themes have stayed consistent throughout my Winter wardrobe and that has been bold color and knits. I mentioned in my previous blog post that there is a beauty in this pairing as it truly allows all of the texture and details to shine through, which enhances the look overall. Sweater dresses are definitely my crutch when it comes to the colder months, because no matter how many I add to my collection, I can always find room for one more. Excuses aside, I must say, this one was vastly different from the various neutral hues I currently have in my wardrobe. The vibrancy, intricate pattern, and fringe hem that gave this frock the most amazing movement, sold me from the very beginning! Because this piece was such a statement on it’s own, I knew that allowing it to remain the focal point of the ensemble would be an easy task. To avoid giving “bumble bee chic,” I opted to use brown as my contrasting shade instead of black. There are certain items that really end up solidifying themselves as staples and this coat is no exception! I’ve had it for quite a few years now and it has without a doubt lived up to the hype in every way. With every season I find a place for it and it has yet to disappoint. In my opinion, another tell of a good buy is how well it compliments the new additions to your closet year after year. I’ve been loving these chocolate croc-embossed boots since the day they were delivered to me and I absolutely adored how they grounded the outfit with a subtle edge. For accessories, I was super excited to break out my new frames which were a treat to myself after a successful 2021. To emphasize the hardware on them, I grabbed a few gold jewelry pieces and was beyond pleased with how everything came together. Another simple, yet effective styling for the books! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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