As we navigate through the final months of Winter, I find myself experimenting with alternative layering methods in efforts to stay warm while looking chic. I also think I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m ready to put away most of my sweater dresses and chunkier knits for the time being. That said, weather appropriate dressing is still my focus and crucial to surviving the season. I’ve always been a huge fan of trousers and had an appreciation for classic tailoring. Suiting is great because you can easily look put together whether pairing the garments as a set or wearing them individually. I had been waiting for the perfect moment to style this abstract marble knit and when I recently came across this dark chocolate suit, I knew it would be a match made in heaven! Various shades of green have also been extremely popular over the last few years so having the opportunity to compliment them with this ensemble was very exciting. For the most part, the work was already done for me, which is the beauty of styling co-ords. Since the palette I was working with, aside from my top, was fairly dark I wanted to highlight all of the sage tones and incorporated a mini bag to do so. Streaks of gold also seemed to run through the pattern, so I made sure to accent that with my jewelry choices and a bold pair of twisted hoops appeared to be the best option. Lastly, I completed the outfit with cool-toned brown frames and sleek black sock boots for a slightly understated contrast. Sometimes the best looks are those that come together with the least amount of stress and this was no exception. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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