At this point, I think it’s safe to say that every shade of green is trending! Each and every season, from olive to kelly, this color has been at the forefront of style and it doesn’t appear to be leaving our sight (or wardrobes) any time soon! As I was preparing to update my closet with a few new pieces for Spring, I knew I wanted a bright blazer that I could use to create some show-stopping colorful outfits. To no surprise, it wasn’t very hard to find and when I saw that there was also a matching cropped shirt I swiftly added both to my cart! That being said, I was a bit caught off guard when I actually received the items. For some reason, in my head, I had imagined a more pastel tone. So when I was hit with such vibrancy upon opening the package, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be willing to make it work. After a bit of playing around however and pairing the garments with a few things I already owned, I was sold! To offset the intense saturation, I realized that aligning the pieces with a darker wash of denim offered the perfect juxtaposition of textures while adding a casual element. To highlight the gold buttons on my skirt in the most non-competing way, I leaned on my accessories which all had hints of the metal accent as well as some of my favorite rings and earrings. Nude definitely seemed like the most fitting contrast for my heels and sunnies as it kept the look “daytime fresh” and lighthearted without taking anything away from the boldness overall. To complete the ensemble, I introduced a beaded chartreuse bag for a subtle color-block moment which I really think took the styling over the top in the best possible way. To me, this outfit screams “Summertime brunch” and I know for a fact that I’ll be wearing it in the upcoming months! Comment below your favorite featured item and/or if this is something you would personally wear. Until next time!

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