A lot of times it’s hard to get the most use out of garments that are specifically purchased for the season we are currently in. To be honest, majority of the items showcased in this ensemble were bought around Black Friday 2021 and sadly, I’m just now reaching for them. Brown, though extremely trendy, can often be associated with the Fall/Winter months. Knowing this, I was torn between styling them now or waiting until it got cold again but luckily, my excitement got the better of me! In efforts to reflect the “Spring vibes” as much as possible, I knew that my footwear and layering pieces would be crucial. Starting from the bottom, it definitely helped that my trousers though leather also featured cut-out details which really spoke to the warm weather we are slowly beginning to experience. Because I knew that my outerwear was going to be a chunkier monogram cardigan with similar tones, I opted for a stark white cropped tank to break up the chocolate and add an element of brightness to create some much needed dimension. My strappy heeled sandals were the obvious choice as they matched my pants perfectly, and did not weigh the outfit down like a boot or other closed-toe option would. Finally, the accessory I struggled with most had to be, THE BAG! It was tricky because I knew I didn’t want to pair something that was another dark shade, and was also trying to avoid clashing with my sweater’s print. I almost overlooked this cross-body entirely because I frankly thought it would be “too much.” However, after seeing the way everything came together, I couldn’t have made a better choice! I loved how the orange in the illustration helped to highlight the colors in my outwear, which I had hardly noticed prior. To coordinate with the metal accents, I threw on my favorite gold jewelry, some sunnies which helped to complete the monchrome aesthetic, and was ready to roll! Funny enough, I almost scrapped this look entirely and I’m relieved to say I’m so glad I didn’t! Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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