While I love the transitional temperatures that Spring and Fall bring, I honestly believe that they can be slightly more challenging to dress for. A lot of times there is a constant battle between being under or over dressed, especially when the forecast fluctuates throughout the day. To remedy this problem, I like to split up my ensembles by base and layers. For example, if I feel like styling a lighter foundational garment, I’ll opt for heavier outerwear and a more substantial shoe (and vice versa). This way, there is always an element of balance within the outfit which will hopefully avoid being too hot/cold; which is the exact formula I used when styling this look! I was initially hesitant about purchasing this dress as my first thought was, “too dressy and not practical.” After receiving it however, I quickly changed my tune and realized that it was an incredibly versatile piece that could easily be dressed up or down. I’ve been fully embracing the green trend so it was no surprise that this frock caught my eye to begin with. However, the overall quality and cut-out detailing is what absolutely sold me and made it a keeper! I didn’t mind sticking with a darker palette this go round and, instead of overcomplicating things, decided black would be my contrasting shade. This also gave me an opportunity to incorporate another recent buy I had been waiting for the perfect moment to pull out of my closet. Cardigans have made quite the comeback and while I do have some bolder options, this little cropped number filled a void in my wardrobe that I didn’t even know I was missing. The boxy shape and relaxed fit really worked to bring an effortlessly casual vibe to the outfit that made it feel more suitable for every day. For footwear, I threw on my favorite knee-high boots which I have gotten well over my cost per wear out of! Lastly, I chose to stick with the same color story by adding a gorgeous crossbody bag featuring gold hardware. After throwing on a few jewelry pieces and a pair of sunnies, I was more than satisfied with how this look turned out! Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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