Like most people, I too enjoy viewing the new year as a fresh start to set goals, create healthier habits, and challenge myself for the better. When it comes to fitness, this is something that has remained a constant in my life for quite some time now; not just for the physical benefits, but the mental as well. 2020 was an extremely trying year full of uncomfortable adjustments and uncertainties, but I can wholeheartedly say that maintaining some form of active routine definitely helped me get through it. That being said, as I get back into my wellness regimen, the timing could not have been more perfect for this Adidas collaboration. What truly resonated with me, was the fact that this line was co-created with actor, Zoe Saldana, to meet the needs of the “modern woman.” Thanks to quarantine, finding reasons to get dressed has become much more of a task so having stylish activewear that can be worn for a variety of purposes is key! It was also touching to know that as another woman of color, Ms. Saldana wanted to use this collection to celebrate underrepresented communities and give a voice to the unheard; which unfortunately have been negatively impacted by this pandemic the most. Though new information seems to be rolling out daily, I find it comforting to focus on the variables that I can control within my own life. Sustaining positive practices like exercising has kept me focused and emotionally strong while continuing to take on 2021 day by day. Upon receiving the pieces, I was instantly intrigued by the bold color scheme and vibrant prints. For me, though most of my workout gear is fairly neutral, I find that brighter garments definitely provide an energy that keeps me motivated to get up and get in the zone. Aside from that, the fit was flattering and the material used was soft yet supportive. The sneakers, though light in weight, provided an incredible cushion that made engaging in high impact movements completely stress-free! I would absolutely look into adding more pieces from the line into my wardrobe and am even more excited to tackle my fitness goals for this year. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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