When it comes to deciding on brands to collaborate with, my process is fairly simple. I tend to ask myself the same 2 questions: “do I have a history with this company?” and, “does this brand have a product that I would actually wear/use in real life?” If everything checks out, it’s usually full steam ahead. After being contacted by the Jeff Wan team, which I was already familiar with, I quickly jumped at the opportunity! Aside from the unique take on accessories with the iconic “lunch box” shape, the quality and craftsmanship is truly unmatched. After filling out a quick survey and listing my top 3 selections, I was thrilled to receive the style that was at the top of my list! As soon as I saw it on the website, it instantly became my favorite. When it comes to styling, I love the color blue because although it can be vibrant, it can also pair with so many things in the way that a neutral shade does. In addition to that, I loved the graphic design that adorned this piece truly making it a showstopper from every angle! Coincidentally, I had been scouring the internet in search of the perfect pair of two-tone jeans. I’ve recently mentioned this popular trend and because I am personally a fan, I wanted to make sure I had something in my closet aside from footwear that fit the bill! This could not have been a more perfect match, as the shades of blue in the denim seamlessly highlighted the varying hues on the bag. In efforts to desaturate the look, I chose to incorporate a cream-colored cut out knit and coordinating cowboy boots. Surprisingly, the hardest part was trying to figure out which piece of outerwear I wanted to complete this ensemble. Because we are still in the midst of Winter, I am challenging myself to continue showcasing more practical outfits that can be worn in this very moment. Once I settled on my plush brown teddy coat, I threw on the largest pair of sunglasses I own and was just about done. As a final touch, I added gold abstract hoops to accent the hardware on my bag and was ready to step out in style! I absolutely loved how this look turned out, especially when it came to the balance of warm and cool tones. I know for a fact that this bag will be in heavy rotation especially as we make our way into the Spring and Summer seasons! Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Bag- Jeff Wan

Boots- & Other Stories

Sunglasses- DEZI

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