I love doing collaborations with brands, especially when they are companies I wouldn’t have ordinarily found on my own. The Geisha House is a Philadelphia-based boutique that prides itself on stocking effortless, trendy pieces from a variety of brands for every type of girl who is confident enough to let her style speak for itself. Because they so graciously gifted me 3 pieces, I decided to create a mini look-book, showcasing the different genres that make up my personal style. The first look was definitely the most casual/streetstyle inspired. I would never go so far as to consider myself a “tomboy,” however I do have a deep love for contrast, and the pairing of dresses and sneakers never seems to get old. The vibrant salmon color of the slip dress was absolutely gorgeous and I instantly knew I wanted to channel my inner “cool-girl.” I decided to test the waters and layer a hawaiian shirt over the frock to really capture the laid back essence Summer brings. Finally, with my cat-eye frames, monogram necklace, and matching gold hoops, I was beyond pleased with how the look came together!

Outfit Details & Links: Shirt// Dress// Socks// Sneakers// Sunglasses// Necklace// Earrings


For the second look I decided to keep the jewelry the same, but this time create a more elevated and chic ensemble, using this animal printed skirt as the focal piece. I’ve seen so many variations of satin skirts over the last few seasons but I’ve never seen one quite like this. Unlike the usual styles, this one in particular appears to have a blended print of all the wild jungle cats which definitely made it stand out to me. To play off of this bold garment, I knew I wanted to tie in a blazer to further enhance the strong, “boss babe” style I was going for. Underneath, I added a cut-out bodysuit which seamlessly tied both patterned items together, and my bright orange heeled sandals for an unexpected pop of color. As a final touch, I added my aviator frames and was ready to get down to business…or just go to brunch, lol.

Outfit Details & Links: Blazer//Bodysuit// Skirt// Heels// Sunglasses// Necklace// Earrings


For my final look, I ended up creating an outfit that is honestly not my typical style, but was more of a preppy/quirky take on the movie Clueless. I knew I didn’t want to style this neon knit tank on it’s own, so I immediately began thinking of ways to layer it. I already had the shorts and boots combo in mind but it was just a matter of finding the perfect piece to complete this “wildcard” of a look, and make it my own. After a few more attempts and rummaging through my closet, there it was; the lace shirt I had been looking for! Once it was all said an done, I felt somewhere between an extra in a 90’s teen drama and Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls; but all in all, I was happy with it. Definitely check out the relaunch of The Geisha House website for all of your Summer fashion needs, and use my code: ASHLEY20 for 20% off. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links: Lace Shirt// Tank Top// Shorts// Boots// Earrings



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