There are a few common factors I truly love and tend to stick to when it comes to my personal style; one being, stepping outside of my comfort zone. When I selected this dress from the Who What Wear collection catalog, I was instantly intrigued by the cut, but didn’t actually consider how I would style it. Upon receiving the garment and trying it on, I became slightly more concerned as it was a lot more feminine than I had expected. It was such a sweet piece that honestly reminded me of a 1940’s frock, but with a modern twist. I figured I could take the easier route that I’m used to and throw on a pair of sneakers, or simply play into the theme and see what happens. Without hesitation I chose the latter and began thinking of accessories that could help me transform this look into something that was more up my alley. Because the dress was so vibrant on its own, I quickly realized that incorporating any neutral pieces would only bring down the boldness of the outfit as a whole. After a few more considerations, it finally hit me; color-blocking was the way to go! To further intensify the brightness, I decided to add my satin fuchsia pumps and really take this lady-like style to the next level. It’s so interesting to me how clothing can truly alter your mood and bring out different aspects of your personality. For me, this look made me feel so prim and proper, I couldn’t help but feel like going to Tiffany’s for the chicest breakfast of all time! Lastly, to complete the ensemble, I found a pale-yellow cylinder bag which oddly enough meshed with the other tones perfectly. I liked that although it was a striking color, it was still muted enough to not clash with the rest of the outfit. With every look I create, I am excited to challenge myself and try new styling techniques that allow me to step outside of the box. It can be very easy to wear the same pieces and become complacent in your daily wardrobe, but it never hurts to freshen things up a bit! Comment below a garment you never thought you’d like/wear but ended up really enjoying after giving it a try. Until next time!

Outfit Details & Links:

Dress- Who What Wear

Heels- & Other Stories

Bag- Mango

Earrings- & Other Stories



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