Though I haven’t been to many sample sales, I felt as though I hit the jackpot with this one! On this particular Sunday during New York fashion week, I started my day hitting up the Hugo Boss sample sale with my dad for some father/daughter bonding time. As we entered into the building and walked up the stairs into the giant warehouse I was amazed at the endless rows of racks full of clothes and the tables stocked with designer shoes that literally made my heart melt. I made my rounds and quickly developed a personal haul in my arms when I turned around and saw a young woman trying on the most AMAZING COAT!  I immediately ditched my pile and ran to the racks to find my size. When I tried it on I fell in love. This beautiful military style wool coat was everything I needed for the winter. It was constructed with the softest wool I have ever felt and it’s asymmetrical plaid pattern and gold buckles kept it unique and eye-catching without being too gaudy and over the top. Needless to say, I had to have it and the rest is history!

Outfit Details:

Coat– Hugo Boss

Scarf– H&M

Boots– Aldo

Sunglasses– American Apparel







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