I think I’ve mentioned recently, that I’m in a space within my shopping journey where I only want to add things to my closet that I absolutely love; and because of that, I’ve become a lot more selective with the things I buy and ultimately keep. That said, this way of thinking has also helped me to distinguish the “must-haves” vs the trendy pieces I feel like I need just because they’re all over my timeline. I’ve gone through many phases when it comes to how I’ve built my wardrobe over the years, and aside from denim, another prominent time was my “jumpsuit era.” At one point they literally became my go-to garment regardless of the setting, time of day, or occasion and I was here for it! I mean, who doesn’t love a low maintenance all-in-one piece?!? While things have since diversified overall, I was quickly reminded of my subtle obsession when I saw this piece (ironically) scrolling through the gram. As soon as I was able to pinpoint the brand, my investigative research began and I quickly found her! Everything from the light sage color (very on trend for the season), to the intricate hardware, and open back intrigued me; I was SOLD. As if things couldn’t get any better, I also found it on sale with only one left in my size so I knew it was fate! Upon receiving it I was even more in love and beyond excited to bring this ensemble to life! Though the shade is fairly muted, it’s also quite distinct so it was a bit tricky trying to figure out what accessories would be the most complimentary. Finally, I decided on a chocolate brown pair of heeled sandals and matching sunnies which I thought were the perfect accent. In efforts to highlight the contrast white stitching, I added a geometric shoulder bag for extra depth and interest. Gold jewelry was the obvious choice, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled for this effortlessly chic look. All of the elements played off of each other in the most seamless way and I personally cannot wait to wear this outfit ASAP IRL (LOL). Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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  1. Pascal DuBois Reply

    I love the idea of only adding LOVES to the closet. How have you been able to resist the urge to buy on trend?

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