There are certain ensembles that instantly bring out an unexplainable energy as soon as you put them on, and that was definitely the case when it came to styling this look! While still being in the midst of the maxi trend, I had come across this cargo skirt a few months ago and immediately became obsessed. Aside from it being designed by one of my favorite brands at the moment, it also had the perfect balance of casual yet “fashion” elements that I absolutely loved and could easily see myself throwing on all throughout the Spring and Summer seasons. Though I was a tad bit worried about the length on me, as I’m surprisingly shorter than I appear in photos (shocking I know), I opted to give it a try and see for myself! Upon receiving the garment, I was beyond thrilled with the quality, construction, fit and overall details of this piece. From there, the rest of the styling came pretty effortlessly and it was just a matter of pulling together the right items that would complete the vision I had in my head. Because of the amount of fabric I was working with and how light it was in color, I chose to add some contrast with a dark top and heels. While I’ve had these wedge sandals for about a year now, this lace-up knit was more of a recent purchase and I was just waiting for the best opportunity to showcase it! Since it’s more on the risqué side, I really wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable wearing it in a way that was still true to my personal style. I first saw it on the ultimate fashion icon (Rihanna) which definitely peaked my interest, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the nod to the influential 90’s aesthetic. To complete the outfit, I accessorized with silver sunnies that seamlessly complimented the hardware on my skirt, and an oversized zebra clutch for some added texture and interest. Dare I say this is my most loved look of 2023 thus far?!! Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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