I know what you’re thinking, “more denim?!” Well truth be told, it’s not a phase. I’ve always been a denim girl and quite frankly during the transitional seasons (i.e. Spring & Fall), in my humble opinion, it’s one of the most durable textiles. Aside from being trendy at the moment, it’s also versatile, easy to layer, and can be dressed up or down! Believe it or not, I did actually take a look at my wardrobe to see what I was missing before settling on this outfit. It’s no secret that I have a pretty sizable collection of jeans, and my skirt selection has definitely grown in the last year as well. Casual dresses however, seemed to be where I was lacking so I quickly scoured the internet to find a style that would serve as a solid base. Though more often than not I will opt for a heel, having the option to wear a flat shoe is absolutely something I take into consideration when bringing new pieces into my closet. That being said, this dark-washed strapless frock was unlike anything I already owned and thus fit the bill perfectly! Another void I noticed was short jackets. Outside of blazers and leather/moto designs, most of my outerwear is long, which once again serves as a slight issue when getting dressed as the temperatures continue to rise. Not going to lie, I was fully influenced by one of my favorite content creators to buy this bomber; but also, is it not incredible?! I absolutely loved the exaggerated take on the classic varsity jacket. The oversized drop shoulder unexpectedly brought a “fashion” element to an otherwise sporty and understated item. Because of the bulk on top, having a sleeker garment underneath helped to keep the ensemble streamlined and not too voluminous overall. Based on the color palette I was working with, I chose to keep my accessories fairly light and minimal. Though I could’ve easily paired this with a crisp white sneaker (and most likely will in the future), I really wanted to show some juxtaposition so a nude lace-up heel was the final choice. I complimented my shoes with a small crossbody bag which featured other light shades, gold hardware, and pop of neon for added interest. Lastly, I threw on my favorite “indoor-outdoor” sunnies some eye-catching jewelry and voila! In the grand scheme of things, nothing about these items are particularly extravagant or “ground-breaking,” but it just goes to show that a few subtle details here and there can easily take your look from basic to elevated. Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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