I think we all know by now that most “trends” are not original. Almost everything has been done before, and eventually they all come back around in some form or capacity with each new decade. That said, some textiles are absolute classics that will return every year without fail; one of my all time favorites being, denim. For as long as I’ve been shopping on my own, I’ve always maintained a sizeable collection of jeans but this year, like the cargo trend, it seems to have exploded in a way that even I have been shocked by. Forget the Canadian tuxedo, head-to-toe denim looks including bags, shoes, and even jewelry can be seen all over the concrete runways and the fashion girlies are living for it! Again, because I’ve always been a lover of this fabric and already had many pieces in my wardrobe that fit the bill, it was just a matter of deciding which garments I actually wanted to bring out. To no surprise however, I did manage to add a few new items to my closet starting with this cropped jacket. As soon as I saw it, I was instantly brought back to my carefree middle school days where I had a very similar one that I was completely obsessed with. The overall shape and construction really sold me, especially when it came to the oversized relaxed fit and added shoulder pads. Because the wash was slightly off from my bottoms, I wanted to break it up in a chic yet effortless way. Personally, I believe that everyone should freshen up their basics each Spring/Summer season as they end up being the most worn and versatile throughout the year. I was really attempting to channel that 90’s “cool-girl” aesthetic, so when I came across these cut-out ribbed tanks, I knew they would be perfect; so much so that I got them in white and black. With the ensemble nearly complete I just had to pull together the right accessories to compliment my fit. Have you ever seen an item that you loved, but took your time on buying to the point where it sold out and you just assumed it would be restocked, but then NEVER was??? Well, that was my exact situation with these slingback heels and after months of obsessing and regretting having passed them up in the moment, I was finally able to find them in my size via consignment and did not make that mistake twice! Because of the hardware on my shoes, a silver chainmail bag and my favorite chunky earrings were the obvious choice. I finished off the look with a pair of sunnies (as per usual), and could not have felt more comfortable and confident! Have you noticed an increase in the amount of denim you’ve been purchasing lately? Comment below your favorite featured piece and until next time!

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