When it comes to fashion, there are two things I’ve found myself being consistently drawn to as we approach the Summer season: black garments and chunky gold accents! Not sure if this comes as a surprise, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed and am fully embracing all 2023. Living in and around New York City my entire life, it’s no secret that black will forever be known as a “year-round” color. Despite it’s reputation for absorbing too much heat, it seems like the coolest people are the ones that can pull it off effortlessly no matter what the weather conditions are…pun intended. Personally, I also find that when I come across a piece that is a bit outside of my comfort zone, wearing it in this shade always seems more manageable and familiar; and this voluminous frock was no exception. When I initially spotted this dress, I saw it in a floral motif that while pretty, didn’t really feel like “me” and was way too girly for my liking. Luckily, to my benefit, it also came in another option and I was quick to make it mine! I absolutely loved the juxtaposition of the ultra-feminine design and the stark opaqueness of the gown which brought out an unexpected edginess that I thoroughly enjoyed! At this point, all there was left to do was accessorize and I had some exciting new wardrobe additions in mind! In efforts to mirror the lace up back detail, I grabbed these amazing sandals featuring a bold chain-link heel. To further play up the gold hardware and add another element of interest, I decided to include this lime colored bag which helped to capture the brightness of the season in a fun, yet subtle way. After adding my jewelry and a sleek pair of sunnies, I was feeling confidently chic and ready for whatever the day had in store. Are you a person who gravitates towards vivid hues or darker/netural tones in the warmer months? Comment below your favorite featured item and until next time!

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